Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday, Feb. 3

Super Bowl Sunday!  That means that today is also Super Bowl Cat Fun Bowl!  Yes, that's right--our own special FFRC cats have some fun planned for you today! Come join us on the cam at 11:30, 1:30 and 3:30 for three short segments of fun! We have a real football field, extra fun toys, bubble maker, a laser show and colorful light show--all just to have fun! There is also an  introduction of a special friend at 11:30 segment. Mayor Anony  has to have his say. Cheerleader Farrah has been practicing her cartwheels and Obadiah had to go in time out because he was practicing his tackle moves too early! Come join the fun! 

We had BOXES last night! Thank you all so very much.
Anonymous Friend--lots of wonderful soft, colorful blankets and towels--we will share them with all the cats! Also enclosed was a wonderful letter.
Fun Flyers from Colorado--a great box with fun toys and lots of kitty snackers and some beautiful pillow cases and dish towels for Kitty Kastle. These have been embroidered on and are just wonderful!
Gloria and kitty friends--a get well card for Ada Jane
Blanche M from MA--a letter and a donation for FFRC
Little Bits human family--a memorial donation for Little Bits, to buy a toy in her name for FFRC. 
Jacksmom--two BIG bags of Iams ProActive Health kitten dry food

I thank you too for all the wonderful birthday cards being sent for my mom. Next week, we'll count them so far and see how many has arrived. For every card sent, we have a wonderful supporter who will donate $1 per card! How nice! 

The first of the 3 afghan aucitons is over. The first afghan up for bid was one made by Linda/Clemm, a volunteer. Phil won it in the last few minutes at $555!  We are thrilled and very very grateful for each and every bid that was placed.  This coming Friday is the second afghan bid, starting at 6 pm and ending Saturday at 6 pm sharp. This one will be different as it's a closed bid auction. More info later.

Please vote! Tomorrow we get the results of the statistics from over the weekend's voting. I found 5 new people yesterday that hadn't been voting--they said they will now! Do you belong to a special club that you may be able to ask someone else to vote for us? That would be great!! Have them visit our website so they know who we are. 

I'm off--have to get things prepared for the Cat Fun Bowl. Asha was helping to paint the field goals--she was such a lot of help. All the cats have different jobs!

Frith--he's watching Koharu running about, in preparation of being a running back for the Cat Fun Bowl!