Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 9th

Oh my goodness--little Doce spent his first night, not in the house. I'm not sure who had the harder time about this.....I think it was me. Doce and Sequoia both snoozed away the night in Dodger's Pen. I understand all was quiet with them--they slept peacefully. But, Doce is in the house at the moment--running around with the big cats and tormenting them! Doce will be back out here soon enough to rejoin Sequoia. Both are doing great. 

Our 2nd afghan auction is in progress. This time it's a closed bid. If you'd like to bid, go to and place your sealed bid. The bidding closes at 6 pm sharp tonight. Shortly after that, when the bids are sorted, the winner of Dave's afghan will be announced. What fun! Then next Friday, will be another auction for the 3rd afghan. 

Please remember to vote. Things change all the time on the voting percents. Yesterday we were at 4.06 and today we are at 4.07, so we gained a bit more, BUT second place went from 3.86 to 3.90---a gain. This is a tough tough contest. Do you know of another person that could vote for us? If so, ask them to view our website or kittycam, then ask for their vote. We want to make sure they know who we are before asking for a vote. Thank you so much. Every single vote is important!

Today, we have another guest coming to visit FFRC and will be staying at Kitty Kastle. Her name is Lorraine. This is a Christmas and birthday gift to her, from her family! 

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to you all. 
Janet/Janak from NZ--case of Fancy Feast baby food, case of Fancy Feast Salmon, lots of kitty snackers, case of Appetizers, case of Friskie Prime fillets and 2 boxes of Friskies Plus & Treasures
Ann O--case of printer paper--bright colors of yellow, red, blue, orange & green
Kathy K/Justme0252--8 bags of cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast classic and 2 large buckets of TIdy Cat litter
Lewbeth & Betsy P and kitties Chloe & Binx--Valentine cardand Valentine Treats for Volunteers, doggie snackers, kitty snackers and a silver box with kitty note cards
Ordinarydiva from NY--2 buckets of "Safe for Pets" ice melt for sidewalk/parking lot
Faithymd--birthday card for Ada Jane
Joanne P from FL--coupons
Wanda from Wanda's Portraits--a $50 donation thru PayPal for a portrait that she will do for an FFRC viewer! 

Several of us spent a couple hours yesterday, packing up orders again to mail out. I'm trying very hard to keep these up to date. If you think your order has been overlooked, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Tomorrow is Ada Jane's birthday--a big 18 years old. Last week, she was feeling rather poorly, but this week, she's doing great. Even her appetite is good! Happy Birthday to our special oldster.

Catlady helped us with painting shelves for Kitty Kabana. We have bright yellow and bright orange shelves that are done now.The construction guy was here again yesterday and has the last panel up on the ceiling. Next week, he'll continue work on the walls. It's coming along. I believe next week also is when the door from the front office to the Kabana will be put in! 

Asha loves to be groomed--she'll even come to us to be groomed! We have a for sure hold on Raza, to an FFRC friend from Washington. Her new mama is Felinetoyz. Feline has loved Raza for a very long time! What a great happening! We also have a hold on JoeBob. He may be going to his new home next weekend. 

Raza--now has a hold on her and will be adopted!