Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 28

Today is my mom's birthday, and the cards will be delivered! I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for this support. Mom will be so surprised and will be happy. We counted the cards last night and have 206 cards sent to her. Can you believe that?! Amazing! Here's the other neat thing--we've had four people donate $ for each card. Thanks to Ann O, Ellen E and Susan G for matching $1.00 per card and to Kathy J for matching 50 cents per card. Simply amazing! Mom won't hardly believe this! She will also be thrilled from where all the cards have come from. Thanks for caring! The donations came to $739!!!

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks to you are given.
Monkeyfeet82--a colorful non-skid plate for feeding the CH cats
Jennifer T/jt2101--a case of fancy feast--the kind Magenta likes
Brookebosse--sent kitty beds for Cozarelii and Solee
Jodieanne--pop tabs for Kellens, kitty snackers, Reeses' candy, Mr. Clean, White out, Coil toys, 5 cans of Blue salmon for Magenta, BIG bottle of Dawn liquid soap, Fancy Feast can food and a box of mixed Appetizers
Sevren--dress ties for cats pictures for PetFinders and bling-bracelets for the girl kitties. Thanks!
Austin--check for FFRC
Sophie & Lucy's dad--coupons
Faithy--a birthday card for Raza (3/10)
Tom & Ashley and Buddy--Easter card
Lawrence G--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Remember this Friday at 6 pm starts the 5-part Auction. The gift certificate for the French Quarters Resort in New Orleans and 4 beautiful hat/scarf sets. When you bid, put your Bid Letter, then the amount of bid, followed by your chat name. This will be fun! Bids can be $1 to $20 increments. 

We had our big vet day yesterday and all went wonderful. Sherry's eye was removed--she will feel so much better. She's already playing and wants petted alot. No more eye pain. Maui was spayed--uneventful, physical normal, ate good this morning. Tolo and Cooper were neutered (they tried to hide "their parts", but wasn't successful--the job was accomplished!). They also had x-rays of all 4 legs. They are NORMAL!! I'm thrilled. Even that little bone sticking up on the rear foot of Tolo, is fine. Shouldn't cause any trouble. They're eating and playing already. Gallant also stayed for the afternoon. While his wounds look good, we have reached a plateau and need to change up his treatment. They have suggested we add insulin to his ointment (has been shown to improve healing) and to add an e-collar (the little rascal has been licking his wound). So, we've started these two things. He has an air collar on and doesn't seem to mind it too much. All in all--a very good day.

Our floor is progressing, even though we ran into a bit of trouble yesterday. Tell there ever such a thing as a "normal day" here? I think not. It was discovered that we had a leak under a window in Kitty Kabana Room. Not a good thing. It has slowed up the progress of the floor, but that's ok. They think they can still be done by Friday PM. Dion, our construction guy, came and took off the outside soffet and siding, trying to track down where the tiny leak came from. He put up some super-protective edges on the windows. So far, no further leaking and the floor guys are back again today, putting on the first top layer of epoxy. Later today they will do a second layer of epoxy. Lots of steps to this floor.

All is well here. I am a bit concerned about our voting. Please vote!!!  We have slipped another .01%. If we all ask one more person to vote for FFRC, we can hold our lead. We are half way thru this long voting event and have held our first place lead the entire way. But, please, we need to continue. Vote, vote, vote! Jot down the website for voting and our FFRC website. Hand it to a friend, and ask them to view us for their approval, then vote! Thanks! 

Here is our Cozarelii!