Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday, March 2

Our auction is going on right now! It's on FB chatters and has FIVE items--the French Chateaux Resort certificate for 3 days/2 nights stay and 4 beautiful hat/scarf sets. Please check it out. It ends at 6 pm sharp tonight. 

Asha had a Happy Birthday yesterday. She is such a wonderful cat. She is now 3 years old. I call her my squeaker cat. When you pick her up, she squeaks! 

We have had 2 adoptions the past two days. Micha went to his new home--has a dad that seems quite smitten with him! We sent home plenty of turkey canned food too! Micha really responded to him, even reaching up and patted his chin! Then Micah showed him how silly he gets with catnip! Yesterday, our sweet Graciela went with Pam and Rich. She will be joining their other cats in Colorado. Pam called last night and they had arrived at the hotel. They'll be back home this evening. This has been a long anticipated adoption--they loved Graciela before they even got here! 

Our new cat, Polo, is doing good. His door to Dodger's Pen is now open and when he decides to come out, he can. What a beauty of a cat--so handsome and so sweet. Our other two new cats, Cozarelii and Solee are doing great. Both are adjusting so nicely. Solee is a loverbug and loves her toys. Cozarelii loves to walk about. 

We have a new report from PetFinders. The top twelve cats that were viewed were: Badu, Dennison, Willard, Obadiah, Buckeye, Nance, Zelda, Spruce, Darilyn, Farrah, Weber and Octavia. On to more adoptions! Our two kitties Tolo and Cooper will go to their new homes together.

Thanks to YOU, we have 5 sets of those wonderful Kuranda bed towers. One thing that impressed me at the conference was about cleanliness. You all know how important that is to us here at FFRC. We love our carpeted furniture, but it is very hard to keep clean from the big Three P's--"Pee, Poop and Puke"! We shop vac every piece of furniture every day, but it's hard to keep really clean. And that dreaded fungus/ringworm likes carpet. So, we have taken 5 pieces of our carpeted furniture out to Cat's Cove, where we needed more furniture. We used a special fund, earmarked by our supporters "to use where you want, or where needed", and was able to purchase these! Thank you!

We had BOXES the last two night! Many, many thanks for your generosity. 
Kerswill--picture of Domino and letter!, Aunty Kerswill sent a gorgeous collar for Raza, orange rug for Kitty kabana, Iams kitten dry food, sardines, pink "sweater" bed, paw print door mat, fun kitty toys, snackers for kitties, Fancy Feast, Sheba (Magenta loves), doggie toy, Vita Gravy for dogs, horse snackers, band aids, antibiotic ointment, hole reinforcements, jingle ball, Hershey dark chocolate for volunteers
Sandra E--case of Purrfectly chicken, case of Pate, case of Friskies indoor, 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Julie P/Tigercat54--container to hold all the cat pretties for pictures!
Susan/acctconnect (KK visitor)--jingle bell toys, towels/washcloths, Telo rings, Huge markers, lots of greeting cards, bag of pom poms
John & Pat K from GA--card and donation in memory of Calico Reese cat
SusanTC from Defiance--donation
Nicki M--spring toys
Eaglewatcher/Beth--Fancy Feast kitten, Easy life hammock scratcher and a really cool bowl kitty scratcher
Pat B from FL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Deanna P--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Judeann--pop tabs for Kellens, kitty snackers, Reeses' candy, Mr. Clean, White out, Coil toys, 5 cans of Blue salmon for Magenta, BIG bottle of Dawn liquid soap, Fancy Feast can food and a box of mixed Appetizers
Vaun/vrs1cats--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Deb N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Cindy N--her 50 cent donation per BD card for mom!
Anonymous Friend--donation for mom's BD for FFRC
Rita SF--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Kathleen E from UK--donation for mom's BD thru PayPal
Bonnie P from CA--donation for mom's BD thru PayPal
Mrs. Frisk's family, in memory of their mom--bleach, vinegar, 6 inch paper plates
Lulittle/Lucy P from UK--2 pineapple kitty houses!
Nicki M--fish scratcher, a shape & Scratch toy, Senses massage toy and a bag of Yeooow cat nip
Jeanette B/Fur Haven Babies--case of Evo catfood for Gallant
Emmie01--kitty card and a walmart gift card
Faithy--birthday card for Asha

Wow--it's long because I was unable to get a blog done yesterday! Many thanks to you all!

I'm sorry to pass on some sad news today. We lost one of our Covies last night. Our dear Simone passed away. It was noticed in the afternoon that he wasn't feeling good. He was definitely having trouble. He appeared to have a neurological problem--could be brain tumor, seizures....not sure. Simone has had seizures in the past. He arrived here 6/2/02, so he's been with us for a long time. He was so easy to love and we will miss him greatly. 

Gallant is doing good. He's wearing his air e-collar most of the time--the little stinker slips it off once in a while! We're giving this new treatment two weeks. Let's hope it works. If not, surgery will be done. I sure don't want to go that route. Joyful is starting to fill up with some Joy! She's letting us pet her more! Her eyes are both doing much better too! 

This morning, the floor guys will be back for the last time! The final coat, a polyurethane, will be applied. this morning. Then it's drying time! After that, the mop boards will go on, then we get to move in! Can't hardly wait! 

Please vote! Our lead is so so slim. Please remember to vote over the weekend! We're half way thru this contest and I KNOW we can do it! I am deeply grateful for your votes. 

Solee--our new CH cat. What a love.