Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday, March 29

Dig, dig, dig, then pour lots and lots of concrete! The construction has started. The footers are dug, the concrete poured and is now setting. Dion was back again today, to use the bobcat to level the ground around the construction. On Tuesday, The floor will be leveled for the building, and the concrete truck will come again.  He estimated the end of May for all to be done.

Well, we have now heard more of Jack's story. His "auntie" Ronnie called yesterday and filled us in with more information. Apparently Jack made a stop at a condo in 1991 or 1992 and the family ended up keeping him. His mom's name is Ruth. Jack has stayed with Ruth in a semi-care facility for 4 years, but once she went into the full-care, he couldn't stay any longer. Ruth is now 90 years old. His dad loved Jack and would build climbing toys and bouncy toys for him to play with. Ruth and Ronnie will be on the came sometime on Easter to see Jack.

We had BOXES last night. The cats and I are ever so grateful for your kindness.
The Bubbas--Case of Friskies Pate, ping pong toy balls, case of Appetizers, Bonito flakes, tuna, sardines, kitty snackers and a lemon cat nip toy
Tom & Gillian from UK--8 boxes of Bondi licks and 3 hanging little animal toys
Wisccatmom/Rita--Easter card, Whisker lickens, tub of red licorice & 2 black licorice, Star burst jelly beans
Brenda C/catonic_cajun
10 packages of Temptation treats, 10 packages of Party Mix
Charlotte/Brutus4 from Canada--3 scripture spirit lifter cards, BD card,rainbow book mark, crocheted cross with flowers
Camille C from CA--envelope full of coupons
Laura/medic & mom Belinda--BD card and an Amazon gift card
Sherry & Dave W from NY--Easter Card and a special Hi to David
Annette B from NC with Flynn, Lucky & Kelsie--BD card and glycerin hand therapy
Jane B from PA-Thank you card, gift card to Walmart in memory of Keith M, an animal lover
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Carole O from CA--coupons
Colleen P from CA00coupons
Nicki M--lots of Temptation snackers and 2 onderful bowl bed scratchers
Oilsandsgirl--an S shaped cardboard lounger and scratcher
Joni R/catlady310--is our visitor, she brought lots of goodies--chicken looking cupcakes (!), mini cheesecakes, peanut butter decorated cupcakes (she always brings yummies!)

Here's three sites you may want to visit! 
Welcome for New
Recent arrivals at

I would like to bring up a subject. Please, when the volunteers are here at the Rescue Center, realize that they may be so busy that they might not have time to chat. Please also don't ask questions like--"Does Jacci know that you're doing that?" or "Did Jacci say to do that?"  Most of these volunteers have been here for many years and they know what they're doing! I appreciate that consideration. Again, I realize that 99% of the chatters would never say these things. I always appreciate that you care about our volunteers!

Joni is here as a visitor and is taking on a major painting job. Amy, who is on a school Easter break, is also helping with this project. The Kitty Campus Room is being painted--the colors are Magenta Mist and Cleopatras Gown. (Where do they come up with these names?!!) This room will be our butterfly room!

Our newbie cat, Louis is doing good. He's now out and about and is settling  in. Joni took Louis and Willard to Kitty Kastle last night. Both did super good! I've heard again from Micah's mom--all is well. She DOES want a second cat. My choice is for Macallan. She likes orangies and Micah has always been good with Macallan. A good mix! 

Our sweet little Bev will be leaving us soon for her new home!