Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday March 28

Gallant went to the vet's office yesterday for another laser treatment on his burn wound. I am honestly quite impressed with the difference already. It looks healthier, pinker and smaller--exactly what we want to see! He goes again tomorrow for a third treatment. Pania will also be going along to have the pressure read in her eyes.This will help determine what is going on with her eyes. Another reason for those little kitties, when they have eye infections, to get them treated, so they don't end up with "Pania eyes". 

The kitties are growing like weeds, as my mom always says! They look healthy and are ever so playful. Solee just came around the corner, bounding about 2 feet in the air! I love watching this girl play. When she gets excited about her toys, it turns her legs into springs! And she has pretty good control of them! Sprint is doing great. He's gaining weight. We're also dealing with an ear infection with Sprint. 

My new desk buddy this week has been Spruce--he's the designated mouse watcher! Most of the cats will lay down on my desk, but not Spruce. The taller he can make himself and more of a visual block to me, the better! No wonder everything takes me more time to work, but I love it! 

We sent out more packages and boxes yesterday from our sales on Monday night. Still have more to get sent on their way! Many thanks to those who have donated items to put into the Cove, for when the guys come back to spend the spring/summer and fall! It's going to be so nice for their return! 

We had BOXES last night! I'm always grateful for this support!
Nan K from UK--4 beautiful handmade ruffled scarves to sell (more on this later!)
Maggie J from MA with her kitties--BD card and a beautiful pawprint necklace (extra thanks!)
RS--3 containers Lysol wipes, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Ribbon stick toys, tubo track toy & refill and 12 bottles of Dian liquid soap
Judy from NE--Paddy card, cat nip rings and lots of other really nice, fun toys!
Widdletigger--case of kitty face wipers, bag of Wellness Kitten dry, case of Wellness canned and 4 cans of KMR
Ninjamommy--Fancy Feast grilled food for Maui, one of Maui's favorites.
Anonymous Friend--case of app0etizers Sea bass & shrimp
Tracey T from MD--4 cans of Petite Cuisine cat food, big bag of Ultimate beach party "p0arty mix" snackers, Royal Canin samples, note pad, Fancy Feast Gravy, BUtterfly/star/baby/stickers and coupon for Royal Canin food and pictures of her Katie Cat and Keesha
Caren F--Easter snackers for volunteers and lots of plastic eggs to be filled!
FFRC Baby fur kids and helpers--a wonderful, wonderful card and letter from our kitties and also LOTS of hand knitted blankies for individual rooms, made with chenile yarn
Cyndi N from OH--card and letter, PM doggie snackers, kitty snackers, huge bag of M&M peanut, case of Sheba (for Magenta), case of Fancy Feast medlies, Fancy Feast gravy lovers, Purrfectly Chicken, Roy Canin kitten,and a case of Fancy Feast morning Medley.  Big bag of handmade beautiful tissue holders, coin purses and key fobs!
Tigerct54/Julie P--a big crate pad for nappies, 2 cat dancers, 2 cases of Tiki cat food and a bunch of can "koozies" for the volunteers
Ann/Kikocat and Sean P from PA (Penn & Tellers hoomins)--card and a nice note with framed Derecho picture in is Derecho shirt (love it!), TP, kitty snackers, big package of scotch sponges, Meow Mix packets, bag of kitty balls, Appetizers, Friskies cans, Fancy Feast Morning Medley cans and a 36 count Pringles for volunteers
Lucy O/LucyToons--BD card
Beth A--musical Easter card (wonderful world)
Jean & fur babies Alexandrai & Pincess--musical chicken BD & a Cat BD card, donation to FFRC
Michelle/Crittercat from Conn--BD card
Joseph V--a donation to FFRC, thru PayPal

I just got a phone call from Jack's mom's daughter, Ronnie! This is just amazing. It turns out that Jack is even OLDER than we thought. Jack found his way to his owner's condo in 1991 or 1992 and he was already an adult. For the benefit of him being younger, let's say it was 1992. That makes Jack 21 years old. Simply amazing. The last four years he's been living with his mom in an assisted living facility. She had to progress to a full care and could no longer stay with her, hence his trip here. On Easter, his mama, Ruth, will be visiting Ronnie. They will call, so we can show Jack on the cam. 

Do you know what happened a year ago today? Our "P" kittens were born. The "P"'s were: Purrgeron, Purrdue, Purrby, Purrida, Purrkins and Purresa (the mama). 

It's time to tell you all about our latest plans. As many of you "oldster viewes" know, we always do a big construction project in the spring, in anticipation of the Catathon. The building company we work with, likes to get our construction done in the spring, so it's done for the Catathon! This is a family owned business and we think the world of them. This year's project: We are building on an extension to Thumper's Room. As it is, Thumper's Room can only hold a small amount of kitties/cats. When we keep getting new ones in, the time is often rushed to get them out of there and into the main area. This extension will allow us to keep them better quarantined! We're so excited about this new area. It'll have an archway from the existing Thumper's Room into the extended area.

The second part of this is a Mailing Room. I cannot wait for this to be done--it will be a HUGE help to us. Right now, I have "things" everywhere in my house that we use for sales, Catathon, mailing boxes, tape, sale items, boxes of envelopes, etc. It amounts to a lot of things! In the Mail Room, we'll have lots of storage shelves, tables and counters to work on, a desk, and a door towards the driveway to get the boxes/envelopes to a vehicle (no more going thru 4 doors to get to the parking lot! I'm very excited and grateful for these two new areas. The digging begins TODAY! Footers are being dug as I type! 

Derecho getting ready for a nap--complete with pillow and blankie!