Saturday, March 30, 2013

Saturday, March30

Tomorrow is Easter and I hope you all have a glorious celebration for Easter. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our new boy, Louis went to his new home. As both his new mom and dad have said, Louis has hit the Lotto! He was already putty in their arms and they surely fell in love with him quickly. They will keep in touch about him.

Gallant, Pania and Louis all went to the vets yesterday. Thanks to Bonnie for driving them there for me. Louis went to get his physical. He had to have a physical before being adopted. All was fine. Pania had the pressure measured in her eyes. Her left eye is high normal, her right eye is just slightly high. It's still thought her initial eye problems were caused by a herpes virus. Our vet will be conversing with other vets in regards to Pania. Gallant received his 3rd laser treatment. Our vet is very pleased with the results so far. Hopefully we can get another treatment in before the laser has to go back to the company (they have it on a 3 week trial basis). 

Joyful is doing awesome! It's all about petting her when she gives permission! Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she doesn't. But, what a world of difference in her. I do believe she's more than half full of joy! Bondi is struggling a bit. Her weight is down a tad and she seems to be disoriented at times. She still likes her Bondi-Licks though! 

We had BOXES last night! Grateful, thankful--yes, that's us!
Paul_68--lots of Whisker Lickins for Jack, 2 meow pate topper packs, 2 Vita Gravy, 2 cases Fancy Feast sliced /classic, case of Friskies sensations  Jack says an extra thanks!
Widdletigger--3 Mr. Clean New Zealand cleaners
Sue B/catluverhere--note, 4 spring collars, purple cat mug (love this!), 4 paw print hand towels and an awesome kitty printed umbrella
Philip/phil&cleoNJ--For Connie--bunches of Musketeers and 2 big tubs of licorice
Mary H from Archbold--6 boxes of doggie snackers
Sally H/eaglespirit from WI--poptabs for Kellen, Easter gift for Kellen, Kerstyn & Kendra, 2 packs of PB cookies, bag of M & M milk chocolate, 2 bags of bird seed for the wildbird, 3 bags of Fancy Feast dry food, gift for Livy, Amy and Judy S, touchy feely puppy and kitty books
Janet B from FL--case of fancy feast gravy, case of fancy feast chicken and one of turkey/giblets too
Karl T/2catsdad from MI with Comet & Gizmo--a wonderful leter written by Comet with pictures of both cats, stamps, dry erase markers, rubber patch kit for Gallant's collars, duct tape, squirrel cob bungie, doggie snackers, kitty snackers, salmon, bottle of catnip spray, kitty play tub, catnip toys, toys, toys!
Aunty Julie P--Easter card for Magenta & friend, walmart gift card for Magenta, stamps, pop tabs for Kellen, doggie snackers, greenies for kitties Greens to Grow, 12 bags of kitty snackers, 15 cans of sardines and can of cat nip
Anonymous Friend--16 lbs of Friskies dry cat food
Cheri B--receiving blankies and baby wash cloths for the kittens, 6 book set of Warriors
Millie C/cogomodo--a note, 8 kitty turquoise mats and lots and lots of hand crocheted spiral toys made by her elderly neighbors and self
Arizona_Angel--box of medical supplies--thanks!
Kikimycat/Ellen--envelopes to go with some notecards
Jill A from IN--a day visitor--baby food jars, 2 lysol wipes, bleach, gallon of vinegary and kitten formua food

Suzann/tilliecat & Tommy--your 3 sets of kuranda bed towers arrived yesterday. They are a 2 unit, a 7 unit and a 6 unit. They are already put together, thanks to Angie and Bill, the professional kuranda putter-togethers there could be! The Covies will love their nice new clean beds!

Please know that if I ever miss anyone's donation, let me know. I so try not to make this mistake, but I know I do at times. I would appreciate a reminder, as I truly do not want to be negligent. 

We had an update from PetFinders. The top 13 cats that were looked at last week: Badu, Dove, Maui, Betz, Goodness, Willard, Preakness, Buckeye, Spruce, Darilyn, Farrah, Octavia and Zelda.

Please remember to vote! I am very appreciative of the time that it takes to vote. We are still ahead, the margin is still tight, but I know we can do this! Thanks for your support. 

Big thanks to Amy and Joni who are still painting! They're bound and determined to get the biggest of the rescue rooms done--the Kitty Campus Room. It's going to be so nice. We love the "butterfly colors" and can't wait to be able to put it all together when it's time. 

Our sweetie Montana! He's a lot of fun and sure does like to be petted!