Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thursday, March 7

The snow is melting down and the kitties energy levels are up! It's fast mode for them all the time. Sequoia is here in the office, with Weeja and Static. It's hard to see their feet touch the ground--busy, busy kittens. They pounce on each other, cry, release and do it again. Oh.......those sharp teeth of kitties are fun to use and practice with. 

We had BOXES last night. This Rescue Center is so very grateful for these gifts.
Caren F--case of Friskies Pate, Kitty Kong toy
Solitarydancer/Deb B--case of Royal Canin kitten, case of paper plates (1,000)
Mbstarr/Mindy--chocolates from Door "County" and "Zelda" carmel corn (5 containers)
Grefiaf--For Kitty kabana--bowl scratcher & catnip beach ball
Lucy P/Lulittle from UK--Cosmic catnip toys--they LOVE these!
Violetsmom--pop tabs for Kellen, Advantage flea treatment, cat snackers, bunches of appetizers
Aunty Fi--case of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy, 10 cans of Reeses sardines
TIgercat54--Felidae case of canned cat food, 12 cans Tiki cat Sardine
Anonymous friend--Royal Canin canned baby food, case of Friskies pate
Lois L--Royal Canin dry kitten food, 3 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food
Joey3100--3 cases of paper plates (3,000)
Cheryl L--paper towels, case of paper plates (1,000)
PhilipCleoNJ--some real yummies! chocolate raisins, salt water taffy, gummy bears, mini pb cups, chocolate pretzels, peanut brittle--all yummy and tested!
Sophie & Lucy's grandma--a nice note and donation (Mike's mom)
Marilyn W from FL--donation in memory of Ruth P
Sevren--a beautiful collar for Solee--a real bling item!
Amanda F from GA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Larry C from VA--donation thru PaqPal for FFRC
Sometimes, due to computer glitches and my errors, at times, things may not be correct. Please never hesitate to email me with corrections. 

Please forgive me--I know the above list is not complete. We had a problem with computer freeze-ups and so the notes are not complete. I will make amends in the next blog. Thanks for understanding.

We had our weekly Petfinder report. We had 1,642 total views. The top 12 cats that were viewed were: Badu, Weber, Goodness, Buckeye, Farrah, Cypress, Betz, Maui, Willard, Octavia, Georgia and County. All wonderful cats!

If you'd like to pre-order your 2013 FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook Volume II, go to:   It has over 650 new recipes, new sections and lots more pictures of the resident kitties!

Today at 11:45 am (Ohio time) we will give a tour to two second grade classes that are in California. We'll show some of the cats up close, then do a tour of the rescue center, including the new Kitty Kabana Room! One of our volunteers, Mary E. will be taking a couple kittens and Derecho to an elementary class here in Defiance for a "cat class". Educate the young and they will help the adults.

It's officially least to the cat population. The days are longer and lighter already, which triggers these females to go into heat. Please know this: this overpopulation of kittens can be prevented--get those females and males neutered.  Sister/brother, brother/mama--it doesn't matter. Don't think they won't mate, because they WILL. If a cat is not spayed, she WILL have kittens. The kittens born in March and April very likely will have kittens themselves this fall. Please help--grab a cat and get it neutered. The increased calls have already started. There is no way this rescue center can keep up with the overpopulation problem, but together, with human help, we can make a big dent. 

Just think, possibly in a month or soon after that, we'll be moving the Covies from their winter home back to Cat's Cove. Can't wait. I always love this move--gives them so much more room to run and play. And on their outside outings, they love the farmyard. 

I've heard from the man that adopted Micah. Oh my, what a happy cat. He's a sweetie and so loved. He's become a door greeter. He loves his treats and loves to race with his new brother up and down the hallway. I saw a picture of him and he looks so happy. I'm thrilled for him. 

Thank you for your support. I am eternally appreciative to all of you for what you do for this Rescue Center. YOU make a difference and make things happen here! I am grateful. We're doing good here. Have healthy cats (still a few sneezes, but it's ok), Farrah hasn't had any seizures, all the oldsters are doing great, kittens are growing and adoptions are happening! 

Raza--is now on hold. She also now has a beautiful bling collar and name tag that says: Raza Daza Doodle Girl. She told me that she's so happy to have a mama.