Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17

Good news! Happy news! I'm thrilled. This morning, Sprint ate a wee breakfast by himself. We're still supplementing him, but twice now this morning, he has eaten a bit by himself. This is enough good news to last me all day long! I'm so grateful. He has a very long recovery to go.....but this is the beginning.

Doce did not come back yesterday. So sorry about the change! But, the news I hear now is that my sister Patti will be picking him up at Caryn's house and bringing him back to FFRC today--late morning. Can't wait to see how much he's grown and to give him a kiss.

We had BOXES last night! This rescue center is always grateful for these gifts.
Joanne W--a survival kitty t-shirt--I love it--such a great shirt!
AmSprinkle--crocheted kitty pads (2 for Kitty Kabana, 2 for the office and one for the house). All designs are the cat on the fence--very nice!
Auntie Julie/tigercat54--case of Felidae cat food (for Sprint and others) and 2 cat napper pads (zebra/blue)
Cheryl C--BD card and donation
Parents of Littlebits from MS--Happy spring card and walmart gift card and a BD card
WarpedinMN/Connie--4 cases of baby food
Merryann O from CA and Tina and Bailey--get well card for Gallant, Sprint and Buffy (rip)
Mdinok from OK--BD card
Michlynn--BD card
Glynda N & Newton family from Ottawa--BD card with kitty bookmark
Sandra N from Defiance--BD card
Sandi from NC--BD card and letter
Barb B/Britlady80 from England--BD card and note
mm_cat/Mary from Poland--Easter card and a BD card with a real 4 leaf clover in it
Matt & Holly (day visitors) and fur babies Buttons, Daisy, Mamma, Sissy & Piggy--BD card, dry kitten food, candy snacks for volunteers, Dawn soap and cat snackers
Carol & Jim Dreyer (day visitors)--big container of litter, 4 boxes Fancy Feast, 2 kitten dry foo and a donation for FFRC
Ron & Chris T from Swanton (day visitors)--card, big container of litter, baby blanket for Gallant, 2 cushie beds, bag of Purina One kitten, cat toys, snackers, Fancy Feast, baby wipes, Dawn soap. They also brought an antique hand carved horse from an antique friend for us to use as a fundraiser!
Phil & Judy L from Walbridge (day visitors)--yarn & fleece, cookies, Appetizers, PB cups, litter, Purina One, and cat snackers
didi1967--Lysol wipes

I'd also like to thank Phyllis W and Sheila H for their donation of a Kuranda cat tower for FFRC. I am so grateful. You know, I never had thought about these Kuranda beds before. Then when Steve and I went to the OVMA conference and saw what they have for cats, I was so impressed. They're wonderful. But above all, the cleanliness factor is superb. Thank you Phyllis and Sheila!

We completed our auction last night. It was very much a fun ending! Afghan A, the baby blanket made by Wendi B, went to Pfkat/Paula K for $175. Afghan B, the cream stitched afghan made by Holly W, went to Bill/billypogo for $300. Then we had a donation of $25 from Eaglewatcher to make it an even $500 event! Thanks to everyone involved. We had a total of 52 bids from 14 different people!

Matt & Holly--two of our day visitors yesterday wanted work to do! Isn't that wonderful. I hope we didn't work them too much!! They dived right into the next painting project--that would be June's Room. This is the designated teal/aqua room now! They painted shelves, trim, door ways and around the window--3 coats! Thanks so much, Matt & Holly! We still have a little bit to do in this room, then we'll put it all together. Should be so pretty--all for a little bit of paint!

Then on to the Kitty Campus Room. I am so so sorry if I messed up about the designs of these rooms. Here's what we're doing in this room--butterflies, angels and rainbows. The shelves, door, window trim,etc. will be painted a pretty soft green called, of all names, Catamaran!  The other color is a peach color called Woodlawn Marmalade. We're doing the spring-freshen-up thing!

Tabitha needs a home that will give her lots of love and playtime!
Tabitha by FoFRCphoto