Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21

I'd like to say to everyone--thank you very much for making this birthday a very special day. It means a lot to me. I treasure your friendship and your support. It's amazing how many friends we can have--I love it! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. And may I say--whenever your birthday is--hope it's a happy one! 

You won't believe this, but Cozarelii just jumped up 3 1/2 feet to a cat shelf and turned around (very wobbly) and then laid down and is looking about--very still and calm and very pleased with himself. Made me gasp--but he's so happy being up so high. 

Today is the day I go to Fort Wayne to take our kittens (minus Sprint) to the veterinary tech school. Because of this, my morning time is very very short, so this blog will be short. But, I had to give thanks to you all for the boxes and envelopes from last night. I am grateful to you.

Volspeach/suzi--big bags of candy for all to share!! A beautiful suncatcher, hand painted cats, a special silver bell charm. Also 2 willow statues--one for friendship and one for healing. I love them--thanks!
FunFlyers--Bonnie, Kim, Linda, CHeryl and Deb--birthday card and 3 gift cards for Bob Evans
BIll & Dawn S from OH--BD card and donation to Feliz Navidad fund
Lewbeth, Laurie and Betsy from MA--BD card and a donation from each
Blanche M from MA--BD card
Kitties of FFRC--a mamma Jacci BD card
Eaglespirit from WI--Derecho Heart vote sign, and a walmart gift card for 2 boxes of litter
Mary H from OH--BD card and a donation
Mimi from FL--BD card and a VIsa gift card
Cyndi, Dick & Sasha from AZ--Easter card and a Gift card from Walmart
Kay B/Kznco--Bill Bell art card and a donation
FFRC kitties--BD card with pictures of FFRC cats inside
Donna S/Napa from MA--BD card that plays "Rock You"
Gordan & Nancy/Luv4cats--BD card, Easter card, 2 boxes of bandaids and 2 Nyla Bone Play action cat toys
Eartheyes/Margaret from NC--BD card Peace Tree, bag of leopard clips, sheet of stamps, special rock, Jungle animal tshirt, Book "Lion Blue" (very special)
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Appetizers, case of Reeses sardines and a case of Friskies
Kim/Hapycamper--case of Fancy Feast seafood, case of Friskies
Sherry & David W from NY--BD card and gift card for the movies, and a wonderful painting of kitty Rusy by David--a real treasure
Kathy J/KatandBuster--case of Appetizers and a case of Friskies
Widdletigger--lots and lots of awesome toys--angry birds-catnip tomato-rainbow, banana and kitty collars for picture taking
Philip/PhilnCleoNJ--BD card Hoops & YoYo--lots of yummy candy, bandaids, Cashew, Donut house coffe Keurig, Dand Keurig milk chocolate
TIgercat/Julie--butterfly decals and Glow in the Dark butterflies for Kitty Campus Room
Octavia and helper--Octavia went shopping again! Almonds, almond clusters, Charelston Chews, KitKats, toys, 3 cans of squeeze cheese and LOTS of Salmon, sardines, chicken and can clams
Ellen & Pat and pictures of their pets!--feather wand for Derecho, 2 bags of ball toys, kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, Bowl scratcher bed, box of exam gloves, flash light, grooming sissors, knife for Steve and one for Jacci!  (always useful!)
Twiggymom & Twiggy/tippytoes & Hipsy Gypsy)--Spring/Easter card, 9 inch styrofoam plates, 5 packs of 6 inch styrofoam plates, poptabs for Kellen, lots and lots of Easter decorations which we already have put up here, there and everywhere!
Anonymous Friend--Box of Appetizers
Anonymous Friend--a garden memory stone for Buffy
Deb11111-beautiful, wonderful, awesome birdfeeders for outside the windows of the Kabana Room. We'll get these up after the sidewalk is in!!
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin from CA--(and Peanut Baby)--2 towels, kitty snackers, Hershey's drops candies, chocolate kitty animal cookies, a beautiful yellow and orange snuggy blankets, and lots of toys for the cats.
ColoradoEagle--30 cans of KMR for baby season!
Maggie J/Margaret, Nickie and Frankie from MA--St Paddys card with note, donation in memory of her kitty Mckenzie, lots and lots of kitty snackers, and many toys (cats will love them), 2 orange baby heaters, new chirping toys and 20 awesome handmade cat nip Nappers (these are really nice!) to be used for selling or adoptions, whatever we want!
Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill and Amber & Domino--BD card and a Hoops and YoYo phone holder!!
Amy D from PA and Stripe, Storm & Gizmo--a letter, coupons, gel stickers for windows in Kitty Kabana, pictures of kitties, and a gift for Connie
Ron & Chris T and Hannah from OH--card and 3 nice kitty kitchen towels
Patricia M/shomor5 from IL--BD card, Angel of peace pin, donation
Bonnie--volunteers--BD card
Baby Mach--BD card to mama Jacci
Iona and Faye from NE--Donation and a note
Diane D from MI--donation and a BD card
Barbara F--former volunteer--BD card
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Teresa S and Jean, Sparky, Violet and Lilly from IL--BD card Hoops & YoYo
Gallant--BD card and a thank you card !!!  So sweet!
Jackie B from FL and Simba & Abby--BD card Hoops and YoYo
Betty W from VA and Samantha kitty-Donation for Birthday dinner and a donation for FFRC and BD card

Please excuse me if I haven't gotten everything 100% correct! The bottom line is though, I am very grateful for you all. You make a huge difference to me and this Rescue Center.  

Cozarelii is still on his shelf, looking quite smug! The kittens are running crazy. Sprint continues to eat good and we've been petting Joyful more and more! Solee is here beside me playing with her most loved toy--the coil springs. She really goes after them. Very nice to watch her play. Little Whisk was on the cat wheel yesterday, really making it spin. Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing great--like they've never been gone. 

Vote, vote, vote!!  Thanks!

Static--such a happy boy.