Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday, March 23

Today is surgery day. Dr. Darcy will be arriving early morning. We will be doing 8 surgeries. Bev and Weeja are the only two girls. We'll also do Doce, Sequoia, Static, Mach, Whisk and Snappy. The cats that will have a physical is Polo, Cozarelii and Solee. Sprint will also be examined. Gallant will have his burn looked at and compared (by pictures) to what it looked like 3 weeks ago.  A busy morning!

We received our PetFinder report. The top 12 cats looked at were: Badu, Maui, Farrah, Buckeye, Dove, County, Octavia, Cypress, Preakness, Willard, Tabitha and then Spruce.Wonderful cats!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thank yous.
PhilandCleoNJ--oh my goodness, the best cupcakes in the world arrived. Peanut butter and chocolate on chocolate. Thanks Phil!  Give Cleo a hug.
Mary T/mrssnappy--3 packages of Chips Ahoy peanut butter cookies (very yummy)
Cachemaine and Trudy (her mom) and fur kitties--8 kitty blankets, handmade by Trudy. One special one for Static. Pop tabs for Kellen
RoseSF56/Rose & Rich and fur kitties--BD card, stamps and 2 cans of Friskies
Judy M--Handmade cards and poster of Kitty Kabana, pictures and articles from other shelter, kitty wipes, kitty snackers, big yellow lady bug blankie and a sea shell/anchors blankie
Katrina T/kitkat from Kansas and fur kitties--postie notes, BD card, stickers, and a book called Uncle John Bathroom Read, Cat Lovers Companion.
Ann & Carol (adcat) from UK--pop out kittie BD card, a really neat Pet Stages toy, clown pants tunnel that krinkles and a sign--Spoiled rotten cats on Board!
Laurie/Felinetoyz from WA--Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain  (I love books, will have some more good reading)
Eaglespirit--Purple t-shirt with a heart paw from the Animal Rescue (love it!)
Pat B/furkitty & Ellen N/cathouze--2 kitties choice tuna can beds (the kittens love these)
Anonymous Friend from cases of Friskies (poultry and seafood)
Anonymous friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Chris B--4 gallons of white vinegar
Anonymous Friend--BD card with purple blankie, socks and a Tuxie BD kitty (very sweet!) and a donation for Jacci & Steve (we both thank you!), Big book of Cats, Easter basket full of grilled tuna, kitty toys and eggs filled with snackers, Filet Mignon treats for Camie & Janie, 2 doggie toys, 2 nice blankies, wash cloths, green blankie, 2 monkey blankies, kitty flag banners, 2 XS air collars and 1 small air collar, Ghiradelli peppermint bark, 2 tea boxes for Amy, basket with pretty towel for Ada Jane, 2 orange rugs and a blue rug Wow--thanks so much!
Anonymous Friend--14 bath soft towels--pink. light lue, magenta, navy, red, blue, royal blue
Conii G and her 2 kitties--BD card with a gift card to Applebees and a purple paw mug.  kitty snackers, ba6 bags of Doves candies!, 2 boxes of Rice Krispie treats, big stuffed bunny for the pink/blue room. Also vests for the CH cats. 2 for Solee, 1 for Derecho and 1 for Cozarelii--all with their names on them!
Linda S/mls9690--BD card
Karen C/toytown from MA--BD card
Rita and John with Celia and Lulu--BD card made with picures of our ffrc kitties and Doce too
Tara S from OH--BD card with note and donation
Cynthia M/cyndim1 from NY & Patch--BD card
Gloria C and Linda M from GA--BD card and paw points and a donation from each
Joann H/anniecat from KS--BD card
Sonja M/sonjamac--BD card and donation
Chris D/Dewitty--BD card and a donation
Karen W in Ohio--donation in memory of friend Debra's mom
Ron R from CT--Hoops and YoYo card
Gloria K and kitty pets from PA--Easter card, stickers, BD card, donation for FFRC, donation for Jacci/Steve, Easter card for volunteers

Just in case you are wondering, the LeggyDew blankies have not arrived yet! When they do, we'll pull out the orders first, then show them on cam! Be patient! We'll do it!  

The afghan auction is on! It started last night at 6 pm sharp and ends at 6 sharp tonight. The high bidders on these two beautiful afghans will be announced shortly after that. 

All is fine here. I'm so sorry if there's any errors in the gift names--it's been so busy, but I'm trying! Busy morning, so short blog and on to surgeries!  Take care everyone. Please vote--Putter says so, but with a please!  

Pania--we love this girl! She is simply amazing.