Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday, March 9

The sun is shining, the air is still, birds are chirping and the cats are piled onto the cat shelves in the Kabana Room! A touch of spring is in the air. Derecho is just full of himself this morning--being silly and playing everywhere! Salee is busy playing with a coil toy--her favorite. Cozarelii is on the window shelf--he's doing better and better at getting onto the shelf. Pania has her favorite toy--a soft blue stuffed toy that she keeps track of. What a joy to see her play!

Joyful has let three different people pick her up this morning and hold her. We hold her for very short sessions, but it's definitely a plus! I also planted three kisses on her before she wanted down. Maybe we'll be trying her again soon in the main area of the rescue center.Slow and easy is the name of the Joyful Game. That little Static is a fun boy--it seems like there's three of him. He's everywhere! He also enjoys eating my papers on the desk. He's chewed up bits and pieces of 3 of them already today. 

BOXES!  We had lots of boxes last night. You all constantly amaze me!
Janet/Janak--2 iPad covers  One for Janet/one for Jacci
Deb & Jerry S--3 pack of Clorox wipes
MBStarr/Mindy B--case of Peppermint "Paddies", big bag of "Dove" chocolates & box of Prince "Polo" wafer bars!  This is fun!
Laura/Medic101-- case of Fancy Feast grilled
Jatcat--crate bed for Derecho for use in Kitty Kabana Room
Kelly R--reeses pieces (for Jacci's lunch!), case of Royal Canine baby food, chicken cans, case of Fancy Feast, salt water taffy, 4 bags Welch's fruit snacks, box of circus animal cookies, Ghiradelli peppermint bark candy
Patty J--squireel proof bird feeder
Anonymous Friend--Chicken Soup kitty can food, case of Fancy Feast fish can, 2 cases of Fancy Feast turkey can
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone for Simone, to be placed in Albert's Memorial Garden (a heartfelt thank you)
Cheryl L from WA--True Stories of a Bobble Head Cat, a book of a CH kittiy
Deborah C--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Sheila H from Canada--donation to FFRC in honor of Magenta's 16th birthday
Caren F from CA--a donation to FFRC, to wish Magenta a very happy sweet 16 birthday.
Joakim C--a donationt to FFRC thru PayPal
Renee C--a monthly donation to FFRC, with extra in memory of dear sweet Simone.
Laura P from NC--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Thomas P--a donation for each year of his oldsters who have passed away (Sheba 18, Sooty 17, and Sandy 16.
Sally/eaglespirit--3 donations for FFRC. To do something special for the volunteers, for food packets for the cats and for a donation to the Feliz Navidad Medical Fund
Jane, David & Kevin H/kevdavid94 from UK--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal

Yesterday, we did another webcam tour for a class in Indiana. This one was extra special, as it was for my granddaughter Kerstyn's class. I always enjoy these tours. Thank you for the respect that all viewers showed. I appreciate it. Please always know that we have children on our kittycam at any given time. We always want to think about what we say and what we type, as our words are seen and heard thru the ears and eyes of children. 

Please remember now is the time to pre-order the 2013 FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook Volume II. The cost is $28 for those being shipped in the USA. It's $33 for those being shipped outside of the USA. This cookbook has over 650 new recipes, new sections and lots of pictures of the resident kitties. Pre-orders will be taken until March 25th. All profits, beyond the printing cost and shipping, goes to FFRC. Books will be sent out end of April/first of May.

It's auction time! The 3-set weaved rugs and the tapestry afghan is on the block until 6 pm tonight (FFRC time). If interested, go to our Chatters facebook page and put your bid in. Bids can be raised anywhere from $1 to $20. 

We have started the preliminary work on the 2013 Catathon! How so very exciting! We have great plans, will be very entertaining and am have goals for the donation results of the Catathon! More later, along with our basket ideas! The Catathon is June 23. Mark it on the calendar and join us. Many people will be traveling to FFRC and staying in our local motels to be here on that day! If you're interested, here are the motels:
Comfort Inn                419-784-4900
Hampton Inn               419-784-1515
Holiday Inn                 419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel             419-782-8000
Bed & Breakfast         419-956-9981

Joni and Beth, two of our visitors this week, are now both gone. Both have been here before and are thoroughly enjoyed here at FFRC. Both also helped us with the painting that we're doing in the Cat's Corner Room. The shelves were in big need of being painted. Since this is our kitten room, we decided to paint it blue and pink. The shelves will be those two colors, as will be  the door/window trim and the design around our Angel Ladder painting. All is well here. Have a wonderful weekend! Please remember to vote--each and every vote is important! Thank you.        

Preakness says "Please vote!".
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