Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday, March 14

It's beginning to look like spring! The birds are indeed chirping today which is super exciting to the cats in the  Kabana Room. There are eight cats on the shelf watching the feeder out in the yard. Between the ramp and the steps now, the CH cats are able to get up onto the window shelf! As soon as the weather warms up, the construction guys will have our concrete poured for the sidewalk, in front of Kabana, then we can get our bird feeders placed. We also have our two big black/white cats to place back out there--Jenna and Radar. We will be sure to have the sidewalk wide enough for wheelchairs.

Thanks to everyone for your votes in this very close contest at The Animal Rescue Site. We're still in #1 position, thanks to your votes. We now have only 45 days left to vote--it's dwindling down!

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks to everyone!
Jatcat from CA--peanut butter filled pretzels for Steve and Diamond smokehouse almonds for family. Steve says to say thanks!
Lesa S--3 containers of KMR powder
Caren F--2 air collars for Gallant and future cats
Mbstarr/Mindy and Taz and Camry--6 bags of "DARLIN" candy fish, box of Butterfinger "SNAKERZ", box of "LINDEN" truffles and a box of "MAUI" graham crackers--we're having fun with all these FFRC names!
Alex PT--kitty stamps and ink pad--has 12 different kitty designs
Tom & Gillian from UK--6 boxes of BOndi licks, BD card for Jacci, and a kitty card for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--200 white poly mailer bags
Kathy J and Kat and Buster--2 bottles of Dawn liquid soap, pink/blue sample area rugs, q-tips, bag of EVO cat/kitty dry food
Irene B--sweaters (beautiful) for a project
Steve & Mary O/oznMary from UK--box of Purrfectly chicken, box of Purrfectly Fish
Jennifer C/Kayton19--case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Widdletigger--inflatable collar for Gallant and future cats
Kerswill/Nancy--orange kitty warmer, case of Fancy Feast kitten can, case of Friskies tuna, scratcher refills, cat dancer toy, Pet stages Cheese Chasercase of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Friskies Bits
Scott and Kathy--2 bags of Royal Canin baby cat, 2 trays of Royal Canin Baby can food, 8 bags of Reeses mini's PB's
Kelly R from CA--lots of fun orange/yellow toys, 2 pink & blue palm tree rugs, orange/yellow bath towels and cloths, 2 bags of PB snackermals, 2 boxes Crystal light, Reeses Sardines, salmon for Anony & company, 2 bags of cat snackers, 6 cans wellness salmon/trout, 6 meow mix containers, 12 whiskas/appetizers, bag full of yellow, orange & lavender toys, purple /white rug--fun stuff for our newly painted rooms and Kabana!
Vaun/vrs1cats for Derecho--a step-unit for the Kabana Room, especially for our CH cats to get up.
Sevren--red bow tie for kitty pictures
Deb11111--2 Palm trees for the cats and kitties, since they love these trees so much!
Leggygal/Peggy--3 BIG boxes of the leggydew blankies
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful yellow Directors chair--it's awesome!
Anonymous Friend--lots of that wonderful litter--Precious!
Michelle B from CT--PayPal, in memory of Simone and Buffy
Pat B--PayPal donation
Rita M from MA--PayPal donation, in memory of Buffy
Ellem N--PayPal donation
Renee C--PayPal donation in memory of Buffy

Our little Sprint is still hanging in there. He's really putting up a battle to live. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers, please. Boing was to have left yesterday, but his new-mama-to-be had to spend some time with her daughter who is sick. She'll wait a tad bit, so that she can be home for the introduction of Boing into her home.  Today, Gallant will get another one of his deep scrub baths. He sure doesn't mind it at all. I laugh each time, as he turns his head around to watch what I'm doing.

We just had a good holding session with Joyful. I had her in the office for a bit, then she got down and went straight to the back Welcome Room office door--she wanted back to her own place! But, it's progress, even if it's in tiny tiny steps! Solee is playing in a box beside my desk. Little Snappy saw the box, jumped in and landed right on top of Solee. She just looked surprised--no hissing!

Our next auction will be tomorrow night, starting at 6 pm sharp and ending at 6 pm sharp on Saturday. We'll have the pictures of the two afghans displayed on facebook--both are beautiful. Again, the bid lots are from $1 to $20 raising amounts. These have been fun and a big support for FFRC! Thanks too to Janet for handling this event.

Remember to put your order in for the 2013 Cookbook. Many thanks to Leenie for handling this huge job. The cookbook is $28 for USA mailings. If you're out of the USA, it's $33. The site is:

This is Jonah--our very first Covie cat!