Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weds., March 13

Cozarelii has found his safe place. When he gets super excited and he needs a break, there's a tunnel on a cat furniture that he zeros in on. He can be back a whole yard and make it in one leap. Then he turns around and checks out the world, very contended and settled! It's right next to the desk, so I can reach over and pet him and talk to him. He loves those back scratches. 

As you may already know, we lost Buffy early this morning. These are such heartbreakers. I will never ever get use to these deaths. Yes, I know that these things happen at a rescue, especially when you deal in large numbers of cats. But, that doesn't mean it's easy. I think that's because we truly KNOW these cats. Buffy's good friend was Simone, who we lost last week. They were good buds. Buffy purred as he passed, which made me feel a bit better. He was a really really good cat and was well loved. 

Spirit is still struggling, but we're all putting up a good fight for him. He purred this morning, but is still very sick. He is taking nutrition by a syringe and is drinking some water on his own. He sleeps most of the time, which is good. It's healing for him. Part of his treatment is letting him know we love him. That has to help. We're doing everything that we're suppose to, in regards to treating him.

Thanks to Julie L from Fl--a donation thru PayPal to help with Sprint's care.  Kisses delivered for you.

If you'd like to see a cute video that Mike F made for FFRC, check it out at:

We will have BOXES tonight! I am so grateful for your support. It's always exciting to see what comes in. Please remember to vote! We are now .17% ahead. It's a very tight contest, so please continue your votes! Yesterday, The Animal Rescue Site changed their format on their voting site. At first, it wouldn't take our tinyurl link, but as of today, it is accepting it. It's a different look for the contest, but it still pretty much works the same! 

Boing has now settled in nicely now. He is such a loverbug. Today he is scheduled to go to his new family. I'm very pleased for Boing. We also have an official hold on Willard! Sometime in April he will go to his Florida home, with 1 dog and 3 other cats--a very warm, friendly family!

Betz is such a lap girl. She'll be on the floor, look up at a lap, and presto, within 2 seconds, she's in the lap and already settled!! And purring. Solee has her new red bling collar on now for 24 hours and she likes it! 

Ten top toxins in the kitchen:  chocolate, grapes/raisins/curants, sugar-free gum/candy, fatty table scraps, onions/garlic, compost, human medications, macadamia nuts, household cleaners, unbaked bread dough. This info is from the Pet Poison Helpline. Their number is 800-213-6680. Keep our pets safe!

I have watched Pania here in the front office for a week now. She has discovered the spiral staircase tower, with 10 steps to it. It has so intrigued her. At first, she would just tentatively step on it and feel for the next step, then back down and leave. Each day, she would venture up one or two more steps. She was so unsure of herself, as the steps are rather narrow, but she kept trying. Today, she went all the way to the top, turned around and came back down. What an awesome cat! You can tell she's so proud. Well, I have to go. Zelda is chirping at me about something. Have to go and find out what! 

Here's one of the horses, Mercy, that escaped yesterday. As you would guess, she was very very sorry!