Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday, March 12

What a busy day we had here yesterday. Visitors, painting, boxes, tending to the cats, treatments, etc. Kept us hopping yesterday. We do have two cats that are not feeling well. Our sweetie Sprint, one of the new black/white kittens is sick. He came down with a virus. Sunday night was kinda punky, Monday morning ate a little, then progressively got worse as the day went on. Meds given, fluids given, kisses given. This is the kitten that likes to meow big time. Today, he's just slightly better. We are continuing treatment. We've moved him into June's Room, where it's a quieter room. He's resting more peacefully.  

Buffy is also a bit under the weather. He is a Covie cat. Buffy has been with us since a young cat. He had a couple rough days last week, but has been eating good. Yesterday afternoon we noticed he was most definitely not doing well. He was unable to stand--kept toppling over, had diarrhea, very dilated eyes. Meds given, fluids given and kisses given again. This morning, he too is somewhat better. Can stay upright without falling. Perhaps a possible stroke? He's here in Thumper's Room, resting quietly.

Joyful, joyful, we adore you! Yes, we love our Joyful cat. She is s l o w l y enjoying all the attention and pets/kisses! It thrills us at her acceptance of us. 

Check out our Website at fofrescue.org. We have added a new page, called "Welcome to FFRC". Thanks Janet/Janak for doing this page. More new pages and items coming up real soon!

Do you know the top 5 toxins for cats?
topical spot-on insecticides, household cleaners, antidepressants, lilies, Insoluble oxalate plants
In case of an emergency, you can call Pet Poison Helpline at 800-213-6680. You can also visit their site at: petpoisonhelpline.com

WE had BOXES last night. We give you thanks!
Lizmol--coupons and gift tags
mbstarr/Mindy B--continuation of our Cat-Named candies! "Tabitha" bubble gum
Debra S/foxykitty from GA--case of Purrfectly chicken
Cheryl L from WA--case of Fancy Feast salmon & Shrimp
Widdletigger--case of Brawny paper towels
Ellen & Pat N and Purrkitty & Cathouze from FL--letter, tuna can bed, mini mouse toys, Temptation snackers, 5 packages of AAA batteries, case of Fancy Feast variety
Catherine/ordinarydivakitty and Squeaky, Jackpot and Meatloaf, from NY--letter and pics of fur babies, bow tie collars, 2 boxes of bandages, Ghirardelli chocolate candy, Reeses sardines, 2 packages of Altois (one for Janet to help with sardine eating!)
Beth/eaglewatcher--a 9 tier Kuranda tower!!
Judy S--a 9 tier Kuranda tower!!
CoolBreeze and Gismo, Precious and Smokey--kitty card, letter and pictures of past/present pets, 12 hand towels, Derecho toys, package of 6 in paper plates, postie notes/paperclips
batteries for beating heart, kitty bed, kitty toys, 2 rolls of 2 inch tape, baby wipes, ;manilla envelopes, cat snackers, Sheba can for magenta, Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, Fancy Feast for Bella & Ada Jane, baby food for Ada Jane & Bella, dog snackers
Brookebosses--2 jars of Cosmic Catnip and 40 lbs of Precious Cat Litter
Philip & Cleo--a Walmart gift card to purchase needed Bleach & Vinegar!
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal with a donation
Stacy R--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gillian R from UK--donation thru PayPal to use whever the need is the greatest!
Susan A/missyhoho from MA--donation thru PayPal to help with Sprint
Helen M from UK--donation thru PayPal to help with our FFRC knitters
Judeanlee--donation thru PayPal to help with medical needs
Brenda C from LA--donation thru PayPal 
Laura H--a donation thru PayPal in celebration of Raza's birthday
Diane--a friend of Angie's (volunteer) aunt--Dawn soap, large cat food bag, box of can food, paper towels. Diane is an author who wrote "Cat "Tails" to Soothe the Soul".  It's a great book. She's given 10 books to FFRC!

I wanted to update on on an "happening" here at FFRC. As you know, FFRC continues to grow. In the past couple years, I have become overloaded with trying to keep up. Even with putting in 15-16 hour days, every day, I'm not keeping up. Our volunteers are priceless to me. They are the backbone of this Rescue Center. But, in the meantime, I have been feeling overwhelmed in trying to keep up. As of yesterday, Lynnette will be helping. She will be here several days of the week, doing bookwork, ordering items, helping with phone calls, basically helping me with whatever is needed. Lynnette and I have worked together off and on for almost 20 years. We've worked at a vet's office together, I hired her as an assistant to our Earth Angel clinic, and then she's been helping with cleaning, here in the Rescue Center. Now, she'll be switching gears  and helping in a different capacity. My goal? Simply to give me some breathing space!! I truly believe we have an awesome group of volunteers and people that are helping to run this Rescue Center!

Our room, the Cat's Corner Room, is now almost done. The final details will go up today. It's our way of doing spring cleaning--repainting. It's been many years since things have been painted. On to June's Room, which will be the butterfly room! 

This Friday at 6 pm will start our next auction and will end at 6 pm on Saturday (FFRC time!). We will have a baby afghan and a beautiful cream, brown and green afghan. 

Please remember to vote! I thank you for every vote that we receive. We have raised the margin just a tiny bit to .18% ahead of the second place team. The cats and I are grateful!

Never a dull moment here. Just got a phone call, wondering if I knew of someone missing two horses. Ummmm, yes, that would be us here. Georgia and Mercy got thru the side farm fence and went traveling. They came back peacefully! 

Cutie has already begun her spring cleaning of the kittens here! (This pictures was taken last year.)
Cutie grooming Hoops by FoFRCphoto