Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday, March 16

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Boing went to his new home. He sincerely really liked his new mama, who thought he was just dandy! I sure hope this turns out for Boing and he's finally found his permanent home. Such a loverbug he is.

The seven kittens, Snappy, Whisk, Mach, Weeja, Bev, Static and Sequoia are doing awesome. They are growing like weeds. They are little eating machines and play maniacs! Just how we like them! They have the purring down pat and can turn it on, just by looking at them!

The 8th kitten, Sprint is still hanging in there. Sprint has the calicivirus. This particular virus has the distinct clinical signs of a very sore tongue--blisters/ulcers on the tongue. It hurts to eat, so we have been syringe feeding our little guy. This virus can kill healthy cats within 24-48 hours, even those that have been vaccinated. The outbreaks at some shelters/rescues have mortality rates of up to 67%. I will say, that we do not euthanize for having this virus. We jump immediately upon realizing a cat has it, with our medical protocol that was established years ago and has been very efficient. In all the years of doing this rescue, we have only lost 3 kittens to Calici. We and Sprint are in this battle together.

Someone asked yesterday what we can do to help keep the cats safe from Calici virus. There are many things: vaccinate against it (we do in two ways), provide good quality food, keep the stress as low as possible, be reasonable with our numbers, and the wonderful cleaning that we do here.

We had BOXES last night. I am so grateful to everyone for their support.
Didi1967 from Quebec--2 bags of Purina One Indoor formula, case of Whiskas Temptaion snackers
Mindy/mbstarr, Camry & Taz--5 bags of Almond "Joyfuls", big container of Jelly "Bellas", individual boxes of "Goodness" and Plentys and a bag of "Webbers" (Werethes) original candy  Thanks for this fun, mb!
Maddysnana--inflatable collar for Gallant and others as needed
Penny V from OH--BD card, pink butterfly rug with memory foam, 2 pouches of VIta Gravy kitty and a bag of Iams Proactive dry food
Anonymous Friend--big container of Soft Soap with Aloe Vera for refills
Anonymous Friend--3 pack of Cloroxwipes
Irene B/ladydoc from NY--a sweater for a project!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of baby food
Diana R--2 strawberry beds, one big, one little and a beautiful poem about Rescues--thanks, Diana!
JoyceO from OH--beautiful peacock painting for my birthday--I love it!
Lizmol--a very pretty kitty pin for Jacci
Anonymous Friend--Purina One bag of dry cat food and 3 Lysol wipes
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of baby food
Aunty Julie C from MA--For Magenta: St. Patrick's card with gift card for Magenta and 2 sheets of stamps
Schinn and Cleo & Ralph from ME--BD card, coupons and a donation to be used wherever is needed
Larry C from VA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Jean & Neil S from OH--a donation to FFRC for general fund and some for Steve & me to go out and have a birthday dinner!!
Jimmy & Carla from FL--a doantion given to FFRC
Stacy R--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

A friend of the Rescue Center sent me this quote (author unknown). It could be applied in all walks of life. "What you do makes a difference, and you just to decide what kind of difference you want to make". I love that.

Cozarelii just did a brave thing. He figured out how to get onto the third tier of the cat furniture that is by the open window going into the Kabana Room. He wanted to go in there. But, in trying to get thru the window, he got excited and fell. We helped him by walking him thru the much-safer door. But, what a brave boy he is to try and attempt this. Gallant had a big scrub bath today to his burns--the last section of the stubborn scabs has finally fallen off. Now, hopefully, on to healing this last bit of area! He did his usual--turned around and watched what I was doing!

Please vote. We moved up a tiny bit--yeah!! We now have only 43 days of voting left--it's coming down. When we win (not IF we win!!), we're going to have a celebration party! Please vote!

Betz in her usual spot, waiting for someone to sit at the desk for her to have a lap to sit in!
Betz by FoFRCphoto