Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday March 25

Just a reminder today, folks about our "After BOXES Sale".  It'll begin........right after boxes!! We have some items that we would love to offer to you. These items have a set price. We are limited on quantity, so it'll be first ask, first get type of thing. We will hold up the items, take your name and put a tag on that particular item for you. This will be done on the chat--so be sure to sign in as a chatter, so you can get your wish known. Can pay by check or PayPal.  We did this a couple weeks ago, and it came off just fine. Please be polite, know that we have limited quantities and be extra polite to the moderators! We can have a lot of fun at this and move alot of our inventory this way....we need the space to start getting ready for the Catathon.
Leggydew $10    effort by Leggygal and Dewitty
Catnip pads--$15   handmade, beautiful designs, by Maggie J from MA
Book--$15   Cat "Tails" to Soothe the Soul, by Diane Dippelhofer. A paperback book about cats/people dealing with disabilities. It's wonderful!
Scarves--$13  handmade, so very nice, made by Holly W   Mostly blues, 1 tan

I had said that all items will be under $15, but then I realized we have a few cat bowl beds still left. These are for $20 and we'll hold these up as well.
All prices includes shipping. 

See you tonight for some fun! Because of this coming weekend and it being a glorious Easter weekend, we will not have our weekly auction.

PS--all is fine with the kitties! Doce was adopted yesterday by Caryn and family. The entire family was in agreement that Doce was needed by them. It was so evident when they arrived that Doce missed them--he gave the girls and Caryn purrs, kisses and just melted in their arms! So happy!