Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday, March 26

We still have snow on the ground, but the next few days promise of 40's and 50's sounds really nice. The cats and kittens have been watching out the windows. There's been lots of bird action. Can't wait to see what they'll think about the boats being on the river, across the road, this summer! All three of the CH cats now have it figured out how to get on the window shelf. Sometimes they use the ramp, sometimes the stool!

We had our Monday night sale of many items last night--the leggydew and Angie too blankies, the book from Diane Dippelhofer, scarves, cat bowl beds and the catnip pads. We still have quite a few of the leggydew/angie blankies left, which we will get to sometime soon. I'd like to say a special thanks to all that purchased these items. This sale was fun and very effective for FFRC. Another special thanks to Angie, Amy and Shannon for helping me last night. And a big big thanks to the moderators who were terrific. Other than a couple little glitches, this went off very smoothly. We tried a couple new things this time and all in all, it was successful. I know there was not enough items to reach out to all who wanted them. The reason we do these sales like how we do them?? It's easy! It saves me alot of time! If we put them in our store, we would have to take dozens and dozens of pictures. This way, the sale is done and we can pack everything up all in one day and send it out! We're trying our best to make it as accessible to as many people as possible. The feedback has been very good and so in the future, we would do this again. Be on the watch for the next leggydew/angie blankies, coming up soon! We may also have a few other surprises too!

We also had BOXES last night too! I am grateful for the support.
Ellen N/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--mega bags of kitty snackers, case of Fancy Feast, bag of great kitty toys, and 2 mountain t-shirts for Jacci and Cheri!
ColoEagle--funflyers--4 hand embroidered pillow cases to auction off, 2 boxes of Sheba and 12 containers of Meow mix wet food
Mindy/mbstarr and fur babies Taz, Camry and Nestle--case of Easy "Macellen"roni for Kitty Kastle (another cat name!, and 3 tins of yummy "Georgia{" Peach cookies
Shannon H--lots and lots of kitty snackers
Mls9690--a big yellow banana bed that is so adorable
Kathy J--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lorna G--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Karen C from MA--donation for FFRC
Kim K from MI--a donation in honor of her sister Kelly's birthday, from her four spoiled kitties!

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Jack and he is now a permanent resident of FFRC. He is 20 years old, but sure looks awesome! He's a big big boy. His mama had to go into a care facility and needed a new home. How hard this must've been for her and for Jack. I've also heard from Jack's mom's caretaker who also loved him. She says he's an awesome boy, loves to be petted and brushed. We will take good care of our new friend and hope his life here is a good one. 

Every morning when I sit at my desk, I have Paddy Purr beside me on the cat furniture. Without looking, I always know that it is him---I can hear him snoring! Such a cutie! And almost always Asha is sleeping beneath him. 

We have the Welcome Room (our office) all painted now. Just have to finish the shelves and put them up. Yesterday, Joyful came over to check us out and brushed up on the peachy color and got alot of it on her. Today though we were able to get it all brushed out. Bondi is doing good. There's no doubt she's losing a bit of weight and some days seems disoriented a bit. But, she's doing pretty good for being so old. Maybe her and Jack will become friends! 

This morning, I will be taking Micah with me. I have an appointment on the east side of town, where the person who has been wanting Micah lives. So, I'll take him with me, deliver him to his new mama and stay a bit to see how things go, then will go to my appointment. This lady is very excited about having Micah. 

Micah--will be going to his new home today! Such a handsome cat.