Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday, March 15

Happy Birthday to Oliver! He's our only long hair cat of the Covies! Oliver arrived on 3/20/09 and he was 2 years old. He arrived with horrible bite wounds on his body. It was obvious when he arrived, that he was not happy being an indoor cat, having spent his first two years being an outside cat. So, the Covies made room for one more! He's a happy boy but does NOT like being groomed very much, hence his spring and fall "hair cuts". 

Boing is busy looking out the window at the bird feeders, chirping his head off! Betz is here on my desk. Each time she stretches, she pushes papers off the desk. Maybe it's time to clean the desktop again?! Preakness has done this 4 times now--she climbs up the cat furniture, goes thru the window into the Kabana Room, then comes out the door to the office, only to do it over again! I love watching cats do these things! Zelda is curled up tight in one of the cardboard bowls--all the cats love these. Badu has been enjoying her week in Kitty Kastle with Nikka. Plans for her adoption will continue next week.

We had BOXES last night! Thanks, thanks and more thanks!
Sevren--2 pearl necklaces for the PetFinder pictures (Tizzie modeled one!)
Colleen P--4 pink breakaway collars, postie-notes and coupons
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--for Nikka's birthday (Sunday)--jar with beach water and shells, and a candle with shells in it
Susan345--collars for Gallant and others (1 cloth and 1 plastic)  (He uses alot of these, as he tends to get his collars dirty!)
Justme--3 cases of kitten Fancy Feast and a bag of dry Kitty cat food
Mary F from Ohio--donation to FFRC
Haylow's mom and dad from NY--a Hoops N YoYo BID card
Carol & Jim M from FL--an Easter card
Jean S from WI--BID card and a donation for FFRC
Susan M/suzzieq56 from IL--BD card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--coupons and a St. Patrick's day cad
Eleanor/elskates from CT--BD card
Vinny T & family from OH--a sweet 16 birthday card for Magenta
Leggygal & Dewittycdw1--3 boxes of leggydew blankies
Melinda F from NC--a donation to FFRC, in memory of Bert, a wonderful lady who passed away and loved animals and volunteerd at her local shelter
Betz--donation to help with Cutie's plates and for the others too! A special hug given to Cutie for you, Betz!

We actually held the leggydew blankies up for the cam last night and believe it or not, every single one of them sold on the spot! I was so amazed. It was a bit hectic there a few times, but we did it and we'll be mailing them out today. Peggy has assured us that there are a couple more boxes of these blankies coming. Thanks for your patience last night in doing this impromptu leggydew blankie selling, but it was fun, although a bit crazy too! I'll apologize in advance if we didn't get everything exactly right. Thanks to the moderators for helping us! 

Tonight is the big night! Auction time! It starts at 6 pm sharp and ends 6 pm sharp Saturday. Be sure to take a look at the 2 afghans that are involved in the facebook chatters page. Also remember, it's Cookbook ordering time! Please go to:

The Covies got a big time cleaning of their Kitty City yesterday, thanks to Sarah and her mom Michelle. Today is their day to get out of Kitty City for a fun time of running around. We will leave the door open so they can go in and out at their pleasure. It really won't be that much longer until they go back to Cat's Cove. We'll do this sometime in April. 

Sprint is still with us. Please know that we are doing everything the vets have asked us to do. I've heard from someone who wondered if he needs an x-ray due to a fall he might've taken. I really truly do not feel this is necessary. He has no bloody stool, or blood from his mouth, his abdomen is not swollen and he has no fever to indicate internal problems from a fall. This is surely a virus. The battle is on as to who will win--either the virus or Sprint. Let's hope and pray that Sprint can be stronger. Thanks for caring about our little boy.

Dovie still has residence on the top step. Although, she will (grudgingly) share it with Bella at times. So, now we have to have two blankies/cushies there to accommodate them. Yesterday I saw Paddy Cakes run the wheel so fast, it was astounding. He was galloping in it. And then he puts the brakes on so fast, hops off, and just sits and watches it. What a boy. All is well here.

Happy Birthday Oliver!
Oliver by FoFRCphoto