Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weds., March 27

Micah went to his new home yesterday. He had his special blankies and his catnip mat and his special turkey food. He seemed relaxed and agreeable to his new situation. When I left, he was on the table looking out the window at the bird feeders. One last pet and I left. I will check today to see how he is doing. 

Thanks to Angie and Amy for helping to pack up the mega orders yesterday. We were able to pack up about 75% of the orders! Today more will be packed and sent out. 

We have a new cat that arrived this past Saturday. His name is Louis and he's a young 10 month old brown tiger. He's so cute, with a little tuft of fur that sticks up on his one ear. He was found in a neighborhood where he had not been before. He's a nice kitty and loves to be held. Connie D, our volunteer, rescued him. Soon he will be here in the main area and making friends with the other cats.

Our new resident cat, Jack, is simply wonderful. He had a bit of a bad moment last night. His room door was open, he walked right on out, was exploring, but then a couple cats got too close and were nosy and that caused a small melt down. We got him back in his room and within a couple minutes he was cool and calm and laying on his blue rug again. We'll try more "out and about" with Jack soon. Kathy was in his room last night painting and he was so very interested in what she was doing. We all just love him and giving him lots of TLC. 

Today Gallant and Emaline go to our vet's office for another laser treatment. I am amazed at the healing that is accelerated from his first laser treatment. And Emaline's nose--wow! That big scab came off and the tissue under it looks pinkish! So, today another treatment, followed up with a third treatment on Friday. That Gallant....what can I say?! He's so much fun. He swaggers around here, yet plays like a kitten! 

I walked into the Kabana Room yesterday and who should I see on top of the palm tree? Pania. At first I thought she was sleeping, but on second look, she was resting and waiting for a "help down". She got up but couldn't quite figure out how to get down. What a brave, brave girl she is. There's practically nothing that she won't try. 

Charmaine is doing wonderful. Her fur is growing back. Cutie and Charmaine have been sharing the big red poof together lately! Nice to see that. Charmaine is also becoming a kitty-bather! TIzzie and Tabitha are two of a kind--both ornery, both super inquisitive and so sweet! Usually wherever there is action, you'll see both of these girls involved!