Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday, March 8

Happy Birthday to our dear Magenta! Today she is 16 years old. Magenta came to us originally in 2/2003, as a magenta painted cat. Yes, someone colored her and it took us quite some time to get her to be "normal". She had been adopted twice, both to good homes. Unfortunately, both of these owners passed away, and each time Magenta was returned. After the second happening, she was then 12 years old, so we decided she had earned the ranks of being an oldster and could stay with us forever! When she first arrived, Magenta had a litter of kittens--cute little sweeties that were of course, all adopted. Happy Birthday to our girl!

Yesterday, we did a program for two second grade classes in California, thru the web-cam. It was fun. They projected our webcam onto their big screen in front of the classroom.

We had BOXES last night. I sure enjoyed it and am so appreciative.
Aunty Fi--2 lavender bowls for the front office, one for food, one for water. They match beautifully with our new lavender color in this room!
Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten  and 1 case of Fancy Feast adult
Caren F--Mylar ball toys, case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of Fancy Feast Kitten can
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies indoor can
Wendy B--2 bird feeders and 2 round sunflower seed feeders!
Susan/acctconnect--orange/yellow fish bed for Kabana, bag of Royal Canin baby cat, 2Tiki sardine can and a case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Millie/cogomondo from MI--Book "The New Natural Cat"
Jatcat--filter for the ionizer
Violetsmom--2 cases of ProPlan kitten
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of 6 inch paper plates (2,000)
Cheryl L from WA--30 Zaney mouse toys
Joyce C from MO--kitty card
Nadine C/Electra from PA--Gift card for PSP
Nancy D from OH--donation
Scottycat--kitty postcard from Portugal
Valerie/BJD & Steve from OH--bag of sunflower seeds for birds
Karen S/Kannske--note, honey from her own bee hives, and 7 gorgeous kitty bowl beds, with a pad for inside it!
Conii G--6 cases of Royal Canin kitten can
Joni (our visitor)--2 neat artworks--a drawer she made into an awesome kitty bed and a octagon table that was made into a kitty bed
Phil's kitty, Cleo from NJ--sent a gift card for FFRC from Amazon
Solitarydancer/Deb B--a heavy duty free standing ramp for the CH kitties and Bella to be able to get onto the window shelves in Kitty Kabana. It's wonderful and I thank you for this!

There's been much talk about a second cam being put into Kitty Kabana Room! While, we also think this would be great, there's a lot more involved than just sticking a cam on the wall! It's already been a topic of discussion, even before the room was done. We're looking into the best way of doing this, for long term use and for convenience to both the viewers and for FFRC. So.......please, be patient!! It may take a little time but it will be worth it. In the meantime, we will continue to switch back and forth between the main area and the Kabana.

Cozarelii did an awesome thing this morning. All by himself, he figured out how to get up onto the window ledge in the Kabana room. He was so pleased and so were we. We are also helping Derecho to figure out a way that he too could possibly get on the shelf by himself. He's working on it and is so interested in the outdoors!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful "wet Webbie" left. Weber found his forever home. This family has 4 girls who are so ready to love a cat. Weber left with lots of toys to keep him busy!

I have made the decision that Badu will be going into the home of a person who I've talked to several times. She would love to provide Badu a loving home. This is the same person that I talked about months ago, but since then, Badu came into my home and I loved having her. I so wanted her to fit in, which she did. She's wonderful in the house and I really wanted to have her stay.. Unfortunately, the past several weeks, she's decided to have a go at my 2 boys--Zeke and Zap. This can't happen, as she truly tries to do serious harm. So, I've recontacted this lady and she's still so very interested. She will foster Badu at first, then we'll make the adoption official. If Badu is anything like she is in my home, she will do fine. I want to do it at a time that is good for this lady and good for me, as I want to go with Badu and spend some time with her there.

I would like to leave this blog with a thought. Please know that I am an extremely grateful person to you all "out there". This rescue center would not be the same without you. I am extremely grateful for the volunteers as well, which I know, you are too. But, one thing that is bothering me. It seems that sometimes we, in a internet world, sometimes some people forget their manners. Please, in regards to FFRC, we want this to be a kind, thoughtful, pleasant, g-rated site. That means being considerate of one another, even though we cannot see each other face to face. We have so many avenues here--the chat, the facebook, PM's, etc. Use these avenues to do good, not a way to be rude or nasty to one another. This is another thought--it's wonderful to know that out of the thousands of supporters we have, 99% of them are awesome and so friendly and kind. We're a good team of friends, so don't let those very few that are rude, be a consideration!

Happy Birthday, Magenta!
Magenta by FoFRCphoto