Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday, March 22

Macallan is again sleeping on my desk. He makes for a big paperwieght, but it keeps the other cats from pushing my papers off onto the floor! Asha and Georgia have fallen asleep while watching the birds at the feeder. 

We had a change in surgeries yesterday. They didn't get done. Please don't worry about the "whys" and the "because of" thing. They will now be done tomorrow, here at FFRC. Dr. Darcy will be coming in the morning and we'll get all of them done then. 

This blog will be our catch-up blog for thanks yous!

We had BOXES last night and envelopes. A gigantic thanks for all the birthday wishes--meant a lot to me. We certainly have a wonderful group of family/friend viewers. I thank you for this.
Northpole & Haley from MN--Hoops and YoYo BD card
Jackie S/volunteer--BD card
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--BD card
Pat L/sophieandlucys grandma from MI--BD card
Amy B/jobolove and Lemon from MI--BD card and a wonderful charm
Helen M/helmin from UK--BD card
Smudge--BD card
Kelly/Loon2 from ME--BD  Hoops and YoYo
Dorothy V/ellajane from AZ--BD card
Mary/peanut baby--BD card
FaithyMD--BD card and a special j,a,c,c,i poem from our cats here
Lois L/Cats4luvr--BD card "When I am an old cat"
Phil and Judeanlee--Hoops and YoYo BD card
Larry & Carol F from MI--with kitties Boo, Buster and Tippy--BD card
Isabelle H from FL--BD card
Linda V from CA--a handmade BD card!
Gina/Catlvr14 from OH--BD card
Chris W from CA--BD card
Lorraine from DE--BD card
Lynda H/JHerman BD card and donation
Keith/KC in IA--BD card and donation
Janet S and Toby & Harley--BD card and dontion to be used in the redecoration of one of the rooms
Valerie D/Vjdeed from OH--BD card
Kelly S/Kellysong--BD card
Nancy S/nancep0ants--BD card
Jo and Abby, Blue from WI--BD card and donation
Carole from CA--BD card
Colleenp and Jane & Cindy--BD card
Maryann B/thecatsmeow from NY Hoops and Yoyo card and lotto tickets (no luck, but fun!!)
Pauline and Jim from UK--BD card and note
Ruth D/volunteer--BD card
Kittys at FFRC--BD card and visa gift card for a meal for Steve/Jacci
Cherry L from Kansas--BD card
Diana/Bopeep from FL--BD card
Aunty FI & Lilly--BD card and a beautiful cake from Zelda Belda girl! 
Connie S--BD card and picture of Tookie
Colleen MP from CA--BD card and a magnetic page markers and 2 book marks
DBM820 & Bitter and Ginger--BD card
Robin F from PA and Tabby--thank you card and a walmart gift card in memory of coworker Keith M
Adrian, Malcomb & Patch--BD card with picture of Patch, donation thru paypal, a really nice handmade card
Dawn/dawnoregon from OR--BD card, Derecho print with Bob Marley's One Life, donation for FFRC
Joyce D from CA--BD card
Wendi B/wendilin--a beautiful kitty resin statue with a bird
Conii G--6 big bags of snackers, 2 pink & 1 blue kitty pads for the Cat's Corner kitten room, 2 pink kitty blankies
Phil and Cleo--BD bonbon box, chocolate covered strawberries, 3 chesse cakes--all 100% yummy
Julie P/tigercat54--kitty and butterfly decals and another sheet of butterfy decals (will use in Kitty Campus Room)
Jeanette & Furr Haven kitties--BD card and sardines
he BUtterfly class from BElgium--kitty toys made by the children--6 felt kitties with a heart in each, two heart kitties. Book made by teacher with Math with Cats, kitty snackers.  So nice!
Lil --2 cases of Friskies indoor formula
Anonymous friend--4 cases Chicken Soup for the Cat lovers soul canned food
Diana R--a flower arrangement with 2 violets and butterflies
Joyce SD--a flower arrangement with many multicolored flowers in basket  and two helium balloons
Zora O from AZ--2 cases of Appeizers and a big bag of Royal Canini kitten dry
Ellen E/kikimycat from L--BIG box of large white envelopes, pompom toys, magnetic tape, BD card, honey hard candies, treas for volunteers, washcloths, Mr. Clean erasers, Book "Splat the Cat", postie notes, dry eraser markers, 2 clip boards, pens, inreforcements, mechanical pencils and refills, inkpads and nice storage tins and a kitty pin

We received the two gifted Kuranda bed towers! These are from Sheila H/oilsandgirl and Phyllis W from AZ. They are already put together and in place! Thanks ever so much!

We also received some PayPal donations for the Rescue Cneter:
Julia L and Maria--donation
Janet A from NZ--for Birthday--get something personal
Lana H from IN--use wherever needed
Andreina B from Italy--donation
Margaret H from NC--donation, in honor of Gallant
Isabella H from FL--for birthday
Ingrid S from Netherlands--for birthday
Patch, Malcolm & Adrian in Ireland--for birthday

Remember to check out FFRC's twitter page at:   Thanks to Yvette for handling this account!

Tonight at 6 pm sharp starts the next afghan auctions! We're so excited! The first one (A) was made by Pat, our volunteer that makes the kitty blankies. It's beautiful. It measures 6 feet by 6 feet. The second one (B) was made by  Holly and measures 4 feet by 5 feet. It' s a granny square afghan.        

We've had a few people asking about the wonderful bird feeders that have been provided by Deb11111 for the outside of the Kabana Room. Check out   These feeders will last forever and are so colorful!

Pushkins looking so so cute!