Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, March 10

Solee has discovered she has springs for legs--she's always bouncing around with such a spring in her walk. And she loves the spring toys! Very determined to find them when they become "lost". Zelda and Kiara are sleeping on my desk. I sometimes think I need two desks--one for me to be able to work and one for the cats to lounge on. Charmaine is cruising about here in the office--such a graceful beauty. She loves to be loved on. Asha is laying "like a loaf of bread" watching all the kitties playing. Bev just swatted Snappy, who in turn jumped on Sprint! Never a dull moment!

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to these wonderful donors.
Cheryl L--case of Fancy Feast Salmon & Shrimp
Phil&CLeo from NJ--case of Friskies snackers
Lesa S--2 cases of Friskies Filets & Pate
Wendilin/Wendi B and Icabod, Kelly, Sylvester and Twinkie--letter, bright orange blankie, 2 gorgeous afghans (multicolor and one with browns and greens), 2 cloth baskets made by one of her residents, cute white crocheted hat with flower, a 3 piece hat/scarf/wrist warmers, 2 colorful fleece throws and a big bag of wild bird seed
Laura/medic101--case of fancy feast
Mike & Bonnie S/epondo from OH--picture of field house with Simone, fish bed for Kity kabana, case of 6 inch paper plates
Mike C, our concert friend--a donation for a special project
Faithymd--birthday card for Magenta
Aunty Julie C--birthday card for Magenta with a gift card for special Magenta treats and a gift of stamps for Jacci from Magenta!
Laurie/Razasmama/Felinetoys--a Raza Daza Doodle Girl B-day card!
Lorraine from Delaware--a thank you card. We miss you, Lorraine!
ColleenMP from CA--coupons
Paula S from OH--chief tapes
Eric B--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Whitney/whitsterxo & mom--visited yesterday at FFRC! Reese's PB cups and treats!

Our auction was completed last night at 6pm sharp! The winning bid on the 3 rugs was $390 and was placed by Janice/Janarama001. Thanks to Connie S/Warped for these wonderful rugs. The winning bid on the Cat Tapestry afghgan was $325 and was placed by Gusti. In a wonderful gesture, she purchased this as a gift for CJ/cgcry. This auction raised $715 which is awesome! I am so thankful. We had a total of 60 bids, placed by approximately 15 different people! Fun! 

Our artist friend, Wanda, has now donated $312 to FFRC. For each portrait that she does for an FFRC friend, she donates $50 (plus an extra bit on one of the pics!). Wanda is extremely gifted. Please check out her site at:

Today is Raza's birthday! She arrived here on 3/15/11 and was very pregnant. Her kittens were born 3/29, 5 boys and 1 girl. She is now three years old and is destined to go to Washington to be with her new mama in the early fall! Happy Birthday, Raza.

The Kabana Room has given us the "spring fling spruce up mode". It's been many years since we've repainted our catwalks and trim in the rooms. So...........the spruce up has begun. As you know, our front office is now lavender. It's so pretty--I love it. The cat walks, a piece of furniture, door frames and heart designs are all newly painted lavender. Now, we are working on Cat's Corner Room. This is traditionally been known as the kitten room. So, the colors are pink and blue! The window trim, door frame and cat walks will get a new coat of paint. The fun design are animals: chicken, duck, horse, teddy bear, pig, sheep. Some are pink, some are blue, with a white accent. This is a fun room to do! Hopefully, will be done this week. Thanks to Peggy S for painting all day yesterday for us!  

Have a wonderful day. Please remember to vote! We're still #1 in the ranks, have stayed in that position the entire contest and have only 49 days left till it's over! It's been a long contest, but we can do it!! I thank you for your support and votes--means a lot to this Rescue Center.

Kiara wanted her chance to say a big thanks for your support!
Kiara by FoFRCphoto