Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday, March 19

Oh, happy day! Sprint is feeling better! His little tongue is still very sore, but this kitty is a fighter--he wants to survive and is doing it! He is now eating much better, although I'm still supplementing him a couple times a day. He's played a little bit this morning and isn't napping quite as much. Recovery--here he comes! The big thing is, he wants to play with everyone else!!That time is getting closer!

Doce is back. He's grown, but is still very much a kitty. He looks wonderful and I'm sure he misses Caryn and the girls. He joined right back into the group, but I'm sure he's dreaming of Kellen at night (his bedtime friend!). We also had the return of our Pushtwins yesterday. The family took very good care of them. When they were adopted, the mom wasn't working, but now is putting in 10 hours a day. She also said they both have a sneeze, so it's hard to keep up with the cleaning with the new work schedule. So...they are back, as they should be if the family cannot keep them. We have them on an antibiotic and l-lysine. They should be able to go back up for adoption soon. Right now they are in Cat's Corner Room but will be out soon. They've grown, but still kittyish!

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks are given to you. 
Mindy/mbstarr and Tazz & Camry--Blue "Raza" berry blow pops (another cat candy!)
ColleenP--case of Fancy Feast kitten food and a can of KMR powder
Brenda C/Catatonic_cajun--For the oldsters: 2 cases of Friskies Senior can food 
Anonymous friend--big bag of CHicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul dry food
Anonymous Friend--5 Appetizers (Sprint is eating this with eagerness!)
Marilyn S/madisonpepper and fur babies Serena, Pepper, Madison, Christmas & Michael--BD card, assortment of lots of different kinds of cat food--Blue, Halo, Natural Ultra mix, Wellness, etc--lots!
Widdletigger--case of Charmin toilet paper
Maggie/magspa--15 hand crocheted cat bowl beds of a variety of colors, each with 3 pads. For Magenta: one of the cat bowl beds in magenta color, 5 cans of sardines, slippers for Connie and crocheted butterflies for the Kitty Campus Room  These cat bowl beds are beautiful!
Tom P from NJ--BD card
Susie P/Pinkybear from Quebec and her two kitties--21 bags of treats (freeze dried meats) which some were promptly stolen and ate (some of the bags!).  3 sets of butterfly decals for the Kitty Campus Room, donation and BD card
Alleycat from FL--BD card
Allen C from UT--donation for FFRC
Donna M/mkmouse--Hoops & yoyo BD card and donation
Ellen H/abqcat from NM---BD card and donation
Linda K/wyoeaglefan from WY--BDc ard and donation
Lois L & Missy from IA--BD card, Hoops & Yoyo
Susan M/daydreamz from IA--BD card
Helen B from Germany--BD card
Sandra E--BD card, Hoops and YoYo and a gift card to the movies for Steve and me!!
Beth C--BD card and donation
KarenaL from PA--BD card
Gail & Bob and Rocky from PA--BD card, donation for FFRC and donation for the Moss family
Friend of kitties--BD card for Mama Jacci
Holly from MI--BD card and gift for Steve & Jacci
Selkie & Blue & Misty too from Canada--BD card and a donation
Judy R from FL--BD card from all the feather and furry friends at FFRC
Phylis B/kittiesmom from MI--BD card
Ron R from CT--musical card for St. Patricks Day
Carolyn W/cwall from OH--a beautiful homemade birthday card
Kathie/kathie3103 & John S from FL--BD card and donation
Nikka/Sherry--BD card and donation

Sometimes I sit back and watch the chat. It always pleases me when I see people say thank you to other chatters and use Please when they ask something. In this world of techy stuff, it's sometimes difficult to "read" each other--we have no facial expressions or vocal tones to really express our words. So, when I hear this polite chat, it pleases me so much. Thank you. And at Boxes, it's wonderful to glance at the chat to see all the Thank Yous being given. I hope and pray that we never get so caught up in this computer world, that we forget there are actual people connected to those names. Thanks to our chatters and lurkers, admins and moderators. My parents always said--If you can't say anything nice, keep your mouth shut. Truly, what valuable words. Don't say things that are going to hurt feelings--it's too hard to retract the spoken word. The best words sometimes are those that are unspoken. I thank you all for the kindness shown to others.

We  now have June's Room done! It's so pretty and we love it. It's two shades of teal, with white and teal flowers on the ceiling and medicine cabinet doors too. Now, on to the Cat's Corner Room! 

Please remember to vote! I am so appreciative of each and every vote. We now have 40 days left. What a whirlwind of a voting event this has been. 

This is rather short today--taxes have to be filed on Monday, so I have a lot of work to do on it yet. Not my favorite thing to do. Take care! Thanks for loving our kitties too! 

Miss Dove girl, showing off her prettiness!
Dove by FoFRCphoto