Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday, March 3

Yeah! The final coat of polyurethane has been applied to the Kitty Kabana room. Oh my, did that smell. We shut the front office down for the entire day. The smell was so bad, that I opened the office outside door and put a fan in it to draw the air out, turned around to get something and yes, you guessed it. A Porchie cat came in to the office and ran directly into the Kabana room. It was Fabio and he looked pretty proud of himself--that rascal. He only stepped about 1 1/2 feet into the room, left a couple paw prints, but it won't hurt anything! He looked a bit smug when I put his furry self back outside and shut the door! Now we have to wait for this layer to dry 100%, then we can move in! It'll probably be late Monday sometime.

We had two adoptions yesterday! Tolo and Cooper went to their new home, together. They will be so happy in their new home! I've already seen pictures in facebook! Doce also left....but only as a foster to my daughter Caryn. After smothering him with kisses all day, she asked if she could "borrow" him for a week or two. Then he'll be back! How could I refuse that?!I've already heard from her and Doce is doing great. 

We also had one of our cats returned. Haylow came back. She was in excellent condition. Her mom has never had an inside housecat before, always outside. She's decided that housecats are not her thing and she also felt she wasn't able to give Haylow enough attention. So, our sweet tiger girl is back. She simply fit right back into the rescue center without a hitch! Such a sweetie. We'll give her lots of TLC and find another home for her.

We've had lots of visitors this week and weekend, which we love! Susan F from Connecticut has been here this week and is staying in Kitty Kastle. Jobo and her mom was here all day Saturday--always nice to have them come. Nikka has also been here a few days but will be leaving today. She's been busy taking those wonderful pictures! She'll be back next week. We also have Beth/eaglewatcher from Illinois here for a week! Beth is also another welcome visitor--brings a sense of joy with her!  

We had BOXES last night!
Jan T (Beth's sister)--Kukamunga comfy kitty cube, speed chaser mouse toy, squeaker mouse toy, bag of Iams dry food
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--27 hand knitted chenille kitty pads, all beautiful colors--such beautiful blankies for the kitties and cats!  For Dove--an orange/purple blankie for her stair bed. For Bondi and Ada Jane--their own personal blankie  Extra thanks, Beth! Also: doggie snackers, sponges, scotch brite pads, 2 command hangers, kitty snackers.  Beth always comes with goodies for us: chocolate/peanut butter pie, cherry pie, banana cream pie (the best!), 2 pecan roll cakes, black jelly beans
Chunky Monkey--sent us a donation to WalMart--2 bottles of Omega Fatty Acids, a case of Friskie can food & a Bird Boing toy
Amy/Jobo and Janet/Lemon from MI--case of Fancy Feast
Jatcat--donation thru PayPal
Cantoncat--donation thru PayPal, in memory of Simone
Renee C--donation thru PayPal, in memory of Simone

Our 24 hour auction is over! Another fun one! Scarf/hat Set A sold for $60.  Set B sold for $100.  Set C sold for $60.  Set D sold for $95.  The New Orleans Resort reservation sold for $160. This came to $475. A viewer kicked in another $25 to make it an even $500!! This is just awesome and I thank each and every person who participated in it. Thanks!

Magenta played yesterday! Yes, she did! She pushed around a feather on the floor and walked after it! . Ada Jane has turned into an eating machine--isn't that just wonderful! Bondi bopped Big Al on the shoulder for being in her bed. Putter is so demanding, wanting his treats! Aren't oldsters just awesome?! 

Polo is now out and about, but is taking it slow. He is at the moment, napping in Cat's Corner Room, where he spent the night with the kitties. We have a new cable on our webcam, which allows us to do tours again! The picture is wonderful, sharp and bright. Many thanks to Dawnstar for making this possible. It's wonderful! We've opened the front office up again to the cats. We still have lots of "stuff" out (shelves and furniture that will go in the Kabana room), but the cats are happy to be back out here. Telo is playing with a plastic ring, Octavia is bathing beside the desk, Montana and Spruce are watching the birds, Telo is walking along the top shelves and Zelda is napping on my desk. All is fine and wonderful. 

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Paddy Cake--simply exhausted.