Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday, March 24

What a busy day yesterday was. Our surgeries went just fine. All have recovered very nicely, very quickly. They were all already bouncing around last night. Those that were done: Bev, Weeja, Doce, Sequoia, Static, Mach, Whisk and Snappy--two girls, six boys. All their physicals were good too. 

Dr. Darcy also gave a physical to Polo--passed just perfectly! She also examined Solee--good physical. Pania was looked at too--her right eye is noticeably enlarged and more so than her last exam. We will keep a watch on this and monitor for pain. If she would have to have this eye removed, it's really ok, as she cannot see with it anyway. Such a happy girl! Cozarelii was also given a physical. Sadly, he has two broken top canine teeth (a week ago they were fine). This means he probably took a hard enough whack to his head to break them. We filed the sharp edges off--should be just fine now. The bigger thing is that he has a grade 3/4 (out of 6) heart murmur. This too will just be monitored for any symptoms of this--none are showing now and may never cause a problem.

Gallant was also examined. Dr. Darcy brought the picture of his burn from 3 weeks ago. It has noticeably improved! She also brought the laser equipment with her--it promotes healing, especially good for helping reduce inflammation (wounds, arthritis, etc.) We used this on Gallant's wound and I was so so pleasantly surprised this morning--the area is very much better. It's more pink and shows further signs of healing! So pleased. We also used the laser on Emaline's nose--always her most sore area. The ugly scab that was on it is gone this morning--came off and the skin under it is pink--not angry red! What a remarkable thing. I'm so happy for both Gallant and Emaline!

Our auction was done last night--with wonderful results. Jacksmom won the final bid at $235 for Afghan A (green/tan/grey). Angelkitty/Sharon & Mike won the final bid for Afghan B at $450 (granny squares). I want to thank you for these fantastic bids. Also a big thanks to all that participated--67 bids placed by approximately 19 different people. Thanks to Holly and Pat for making these afghans and to Faithy who rounded up the 2 winning bids to make an even $700. 

We would like to invite everyone to our Monday night's BOXES. After BOXES, we're going to have even more fun! The Leggydew blankies are in. We have taken out the blankies that we had orders for and they will be going out to you the beginning of the week. We still have lots of blankies to show you. But, we also have other things to add. 
Catnip pads--that were donated last week by Maggie J. These are really nice--very well made and catnippy for your cat! There are approximately 18 of these. The material is very pretty and cat-pleasing! 
Books--Called "Cat "Tails" to Soothe the Soul" by Diane Dippelhofer. Diane donated a dozen of these to FFRC to sell. They are also autographed and have 7 great stories about the challenges we all face at different times and how our cats may understand better than we do how to resolve these human dilemmas!
Scarfs--we have 6 more beautifully made scarfs that we will show you, most in blue tones   
And then, of course, the Leggydew blankies!  
All items will be sold outright--all items have a specific price, but all are $15 or under, including shipping. We'll have some fun with this and are grateful for the opportunity to do this. Please join us! 

We had BOXES last night!  Grateful, grateful--that's what we are!
German Siggi from FL--case of Friskies pate, case of Nine Lives, Fancy Feast grilled and Friskies filets, bag of Purina dry food and a big jug of cat litter
Hannah from IN--our young friend that we love! Easter card, Easte poster made by Hannah, case of Friskies Sensations, big bag of Reeses candies and an Easter basket with lots of kitty snackers
Karen C from KS--BD card, donation for FFRC in memory of Sissy, their 16 year old siamese and a donation for BD
Mindy B/Mbstarr, Taz, Camry and new baby Nestle--BD card and pictures of kitties
Phil & Judeanlee from OH--Easter card. Phil was a day visitor--I don't know who enjoyed it more--the cats or Phil! Thanks for your visit! 
Pat K from NY--BD card and donation
Tammy P from MO--BD card and donation
Jan S from MN--thank you card, a very nice letter and a donation
Catcruzer--butterflyf BD card with note
Mary S from FL--BD card and donation
Susie M & the zoo crew--beautiful handmade card by granddaughter Jannika, singing BD card and a donation
Pat B--donation to FFRC thru Paypal

I would also like to thank all those that have sent me e-mail birthday cards--so very sweet and kind of you. I have enjoyed them very much. To everyone, whenever your birthdays are--have a very joyous celebration! 
Many thanks to you all for your support whether it be by $$ donations, material donations, votes, ad clicks, 
 prayers, moral support, being a volunteer--there are so many ways and I'm so thankful. You are important to this Rescue Center. 

Please remember to pre-order your 2013 FFRC cookbook II, if interested! The cost is $28 for US orders and $33 outside the US. The cookbook has over 650 new recipes, new sections and lots more pictures of the resident kitties. This is the site:

The best desk cat today goes to Betz--what a loverbug--constantly rubbing on my face and arms. She's a sweetie. Would love to see her get a home. We now have Weeja and Bev on hold. The Covies and Porchies are all doing great. The Porchies got their Friday afternoon run-about and was happy to explore their farmyard. In April, they'll be going back to their spring/summer/fall home--the Cat's Cove.

Many thanks to volunteer Amy! We have begun the next room to be given a painting facelift! The Welcome Room office is having the window trim, door frames and cat shelves painted. Just for the price of 2 quarts of  paint, it'll be all spruced up. The colors are Carolina Inn Peach and Catamaran (a soft green). The office cats approve!  Please remember to vote on this day for FFRC!

Montana--an awesome cat.