Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weds., March 20

Happy first day of Spring! Winter weather is just about done and those wonderful warm days will soon be upon us! I told the cats that today is Spring and I don't think they understood what I meant. I think they must've thought I meant coil-springs, cause they've been jumping, running, springing about all morning! Such a lot of fun to watch. No one would ever need TV if they have a few cats to watch play! 

Sprint, our sicky kitten from last week, is quickly getting better. He is now out and about with the rest of them. He looks much smaller than his siblings, but he's gaining. His backbones are showing from him being sick, but his tummy is now bulging! You can tell by looking at him that he's feeling better! What a wonderful thing. 

Pushkiss and Pushkins are doing wonderful. They are now also out and about. They have sure caused a ruckus amongst the cats--has doubled the playtime bouncing around! They look so much alike. Pushkiss is a tad bigger than Pushkins. 

Many thanks to:
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal for Gallants food and meds
Debra D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Renee C/jakesmeowmommy--an Amazon gift card for food (has been ordered)
Ingrid S from Netherlands--a donation in memory of Twinkle

Tomorrow I will be taking the baby boy kittens to Fort Wayne to a veterinary school. They will take care of our kittens for overnight and do some lab work on them, including a CBC and their second Leukemia/FIV tests, a fecal stool sample and a vet check up. The students will be doing this under the supervision of two vets. This will also give them a chance to learn how to properly hold a kitten for blood draws. This vet care will be done at no charge for FFRC. I will then go up on Friday to bring them home. Sprint of course, will not be going. 

Gallant had his burn wounds cleaned again yesterday--getting smaller and smaller. Pania is discovering new ways to make us all gasp--she's going higher and higher. But, she always finds her way down again safely. Charmaine's fur is starting to grow back--she's such a wonderful cat and so beautiful. 

Please remember to vote! It's at  We now have 39 days left--we're finally under 40 days! The countdown is coming! We're still in first place, with a .20% lead.  So so close. Thanks for your votes! You are appreciated. 

The Kabana bed box on the bottom of the palm tree in the Kabana Room is being well used. They like to go in and rush out at the passer-bys. There's 6 cats on the window ledges watching the birds. We have robins again and they don't mind the cats watching them. Weeja and Static are running by with a shared toy in their mouths--so funny to watch them! Love these cats! 

We will have another afghan auction this Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm. We have two beautiful "pieces of art" to auction off. The first one (A) is green, tan and grey. It's made by Wendi B and is 6' by 6'.  It has a zig-zag pattern.  The second one (B) is a granny square afghan that is 4' x 5'. It's made by Holly. Take a look on our facebook chatters page. We'll do the $1 to $20 bid allotments again. This seems to work the best. We've had fun with these and hope you have to! 
Spruce by FoFRCphoto
Sleepy  Spruce! He's part of the woodie-litter of cats.