Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weds., March 6

We got snow! The cats are already lined up on the window shelves in Kitty Kabana looking out over the white front yard--a much different look from yesterday. The Kitty Kabana has now been open for over 24 hours. I do believe it's a big hit and the cats and kitties love it! Lots of looking out the windows and climbing on the shelves! I just saw Solee LEAP into the room and not fall. She loves it. The 8 kittens have also been all over in the Kabana room. We'll keep switching the cam so you can view the main area and the Kabana room.

The baby 4 newest kittens now have names. Here they are: 
Mach--the light beige 
Whisk--black/white, white whisker pad, no dots
Sprint--black/white, with small white dot on whisker pad (rt.)
Snappy--black/white, with big dot on whisker pad (rt)
These are all "zooming" names. It seems if the kittens are sleeping, they're zooming around playing! Such happy, healthy kittens. The 8 kittens spent their first night out of their room--was out all night with the rest of the gang! They did just fine.

This Friday at 6 pm to Saturday at 6 pm, we will have another auction! We will have two items. The first, are the three beautiful weaved rugs from WarpedinMN makes. They are beautiful, wash easily and the color stays! Two are the same size, the third is large.  The second item is a tapestry afghan, with 9 cats on it. It measures 4 feet by 5 feet 5 inches. It's so beautiful. Be ready to give your bid. This auction will again be on the chatter's ffrc fb page. If you'd like to bid and not a member yet, ask a friend to get you onto it, then an admin. will approve you. Or you can ask a friend to bid for you. The bids will again be in $1 to $20 amounts. 

Here comes Solee again. She's here, there and everywhere! I love to see when she and Cozarelii nap together! Bella is sitting in the kitty door to Kabana room, blocking the way. Little Static is up high on a cat walk, trying to figure out how to get down. I've lifted him down countless times--he cries, I lift down. Yesterday, Mach, Whisk, Sprint and Snappy were all napping together--one tight ball of fur! County and Preakness are sitting back to back looking out at the snow. Static is going to make it down by himself--he's down almost to floor level....all by himself! Little rascal's been fooling me!

Dove is such a funny girl. She has so fit in here at the rescue center. She loves to have someone sit on the step by her and just pet and pet. Joyful again had her share of pets yesterday and purred! What joy she brings us when she does this. Tabatha did her morning trick again. I leave my 3 1/2 inch drawer open, she crawls in, grunts and groans until she pushes herself clear to the back, then drops down to the next drawer and waits for me to open it up and then she hops out! 

We had a return yesterday. Boing was returned. He was adopted a short time ago, along with Miler. Miler has bonded with the resident cat there, Danny. This has caused Boing to be aggressive to both of them. In thinking of the well being of Boing, his family thought he should be returned and find a home where he would be happier. So, this is a good thing and we will find a new happier home for Boing. In the meantime, Miler and Danny are happy too.

We had TWO adoptions yesterday! Our sweet Darilyn went to her new home. Her new mama will let her lick her too (that was a requirement!). I believe this will be a wonderful home for her. Then our sweet Telo was adopted. We sent home all of his clear plastic rings. He went to a gentleman that was here a couple weeks. At both of these meetings, it seemed a match between him and Telo. Telo's parting good-bye to me, was to drop a plastic ring into my sweet. 

Have a great day! Please keep voting! We gained .01%  Yeah!

Bonnie and Telo
Bonnie & Telo