Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday, March 5

Kitty Kabana room is now open for business! The mop boards went up yesterday. Then we got all the shelves/cat walks in place. Next came the decorations, table and chairs and cushies! We love it. But, most importantly, the cats and kittens love it! For the Grand Showing last night, we opened the window that goes into this room, opened the door and the little kitten door. In they came--one by one, sometimes two by two! It was fun and they had a blast! Lots of investigating going on. Then we closed it down for the night and opened it again (for good) this morning, after breakfast. The cats love it. Right now, it's getting to be daybreak and the cats are able to see outside. I counted 5 on the window ledge looking out! We can also put our webcam out there for our viewers to see the action! Thanks for making this possible for FFRC.

We had BOXES last night! We are so grateful.
Joyce C from MO--letter with donation, newsletters and reading info from shelters
Mindy/Melinda S/mbstarr and Tazz and Camry--bag of (Mary)Ada Janes candy and a CD video
TIgercat54--Kowabunga catnip beachball for kitties and Kabana Room
Go Cat Go zig n zag ball
Catloverhere/Sue B--2 pink shirts/vests for Solee
Gramma Cat--2 giant catnip rats
Lucy P/Lulittle from UK--cat nip feather wand and a variety of the cosmic Yeowwww toys--the cats love these!
Sandy--2 cases of 9 inch styrofoam plates (1,000!)
Cindy N from WA--note and a donation
Jim T and family from MO--donation/support for Emaline, and picture of their calico cat
Felinetoyz/Razas mom--charm for Raza's collar that says Raza Daza Doodle Girl!
Trudy S--donation for FFRC
Isabelle H from FL--donation to FFRC for Gallants meds
Gusti from Germany--donation as a welcome to Kitty Kabana Room!
Carol N/cn1919--donation for FFRC--use wherever needed
Beth/eaglewatcher--a 9 tower Kuranda cat tower--will replace an old tower!
Martin B--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Sharon R from IN--a donation to FFRC, in memory of SImone
Glynette M from CA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Simone

Happy Birthday to Buffy! Buffy is a Covie cat and we love him so! He arrived here on 10/4/07. His birthday is 3/4/07, so he is now 6 years old. He'll get a big extra treat today.

Our twitter account is getting a "going over" and sprucing it up! Feel free to check it out at: twitter.com/ffrckittycam  I think you'll like it!

The 2013 FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook VOlume II goes on sale today! The cost is $28 per book (U.S.) and $33 per book outside the U.S. The new cookbook has over 650 new recipes, new sections and lots more pictures of the resident kitties. Pre-orders will be taken from now until 3/25. All profits (beyond cost of printing/shipping) goes to FFRC. The cookbooks are estimated to ship out near the end of April or beginning of May. Here's the link to order: fofrescue.org/the-ffrc-cat-lovers-cookbook-for-2013/

Please keep voting! We now have only 54 more days to vote! It's counting down. We started in first place, have kept that position, but it's been a fight! Thanks to you and your votes, we're still in #1.  Please help us to stay there! 

Solee is laying in a basket with Bev snuggled right next to her--that's nice to see. Derecho and Weber are such good friends--they love to tussel together. Bella is napping in the middle of the big poof bed--almost swollowed up by it! I do believe she's smiling. Weeja and Sequoia are really wrestling, with Static on the side, jumping in for good measure now and then. Lots of action--makes for a great day! 

Dove loves her cushies!