Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weds., Feb. 27

The floor guys were here yesterday--the first layer of color is now on the floor and we love it! It's bright and cheery. A blend of orange and yellow flakes! They will be back this morning to do the second process, then back this afternoon to do the third layer. 

Wow--what crazy weather. We didn't get the snow that was predicted, but we did get ice and lots and lots of rain. The rain caused a major problem in the front office. It poured, literally poured into the office and had a floor flood. Eric M and Jimmy and I worked, it seemed for 2 hours on it, mopping the water up and sucking it up with a shopvac. I finally called Dion, our construction guy, and told him we couldn't keep up with it. He came out and put in a 16 foot drainage line to pull the water away from the foundation. The problem? The ground was frozen, so no absorbing the water, we had tons of rain and because of the construction, the ground hasn't been sloped properly, so all the water flowed towards the office. What a mess. I'm so thankful for Eric and Jimmy and Dion's help. All is dry now, we'll leave the drainage line in place and in the spring get the ground properly sloped. One good thing--it didn't hurt the Kitty Kabana floor at all.

Many thanks to Mechele C from Toledo for her donation to FFRC, in honor of her birthday, from her workplace. Also big thanks to Cathy S from PA for her donation to FFRC thru PayPal for the general fund. I'd also like to thank Gusti for helping with the medical bills for Charmaine. Charmaine is doing fantastic. She acts like she's always been here--very comfortable and at ease. Such a nice cat and so graceful on 3 legs.

I've heard from the mom of our Audrey and Coca-Cola--all is fine. Coca-Cola has a bit of a cold, but they are doing great and well loved. 

We have our new cat, Polo (another Catathon name) here in Dodger's Pen. He's ever so sweet. He was found on Monday, on the road, a victim of a hit by car (HBC). His poor head got hit and he ended up with an abrasion under one eye, part of his upper lip is missing, a swollen chin and a punctured tongue with a hematoma under the tongue. All in all though, he's doing good. His front legs were very sore, but that's much better already. He's maybe 2-3 years old, long black fur, a bit thin, and has a big heat! He loves to be cuddled and petted. It's a bit difficult to eat for him, but he can lap up baby food and watery pate' food. 

Our two new CH cats, Cozarelii and Solee are doing wonderful. Solee is a player--loves all toys and gets around fairly good. She's a mild CH. Cozarelii has high startle reflex, but can get where he wants to go. He has the determination that Derecho has. Such a loverbug--both of them. Cozarelii is in my lap right now, snugged in with his eyes closed and purring! We're trying the vests on the two new cats, to see if it helps them, especially Cozarelii. If nothing else, it will help us spot them quicker, for when we use the shop vacs. 

Remember the auction starts Friday at 6 pm and ends Saturday 6 pm. You can bid thru FB chatters. If you are not "on" chatters, you can ask a friend to bid for you! All bids will be taken in $20 or less--no up bid higher than $20. Anything from $1 to $20 is allowable. When you place your bid, please do in the following order--Letter of item, Bid amount, then your Chat Name.  Thanks!

Please help! Our lead for the $10,000 win has slipped a bit. Please remember to vote. If you know of someone who could help us, please ask them to view our webcam so they know who we are, and then ask them to vote. You can vote at:

Tonight at BOXES, we will count the birthday cards that have come in for my mom. I am so grateful for this act of kindness. She will be thrilled and will enjoy reading all of them and checking out where they've come from! I thank you for doing this. Remember, we have a wonderful supporter who will donate $1 for each card that has come in! 

Today is vet day. Tolo and Cooper will be going to have their neuters done and their leg x-rays. Maui will be going for her spay. Gallant will be going to have his burn wound checked. It has healed so well, but we have now reached a plateau of healing. He may need some extra help? Also Sherry, a former FFRC cat that I adopted, needs an eye enucleation. She has always had eye problems since she was a tiny kitten and we have worked for years trying to keep her one eye healthy, but it's no longer doable. I'm sure they will all do great!

Shannon, a volunteer, and Paddy Cakes
Shannon & Paddy Cakes