Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 12

Happy birthday to Lorraine! Lorraine is our guest this week, in Kitty Kastle, from Delaware. We've sure been enjoying her stay. Last night, we had 15 people meet to share a supper at a restaurant here in Defiance, for Lorraine's birthday! We even had a birthday cake and helium balloons! 

Bella is at the moment, laying on one of the purple poofs, stretched out, eating dry cat food. Now, is that being lazy or what?! Micah was out playing this morning--he really like the big stuffed rat to bat around. Kiara is sitting up high, looking at Doce and Sequoia playing--doing what she does best, which is chirping at them. Joyful seems to be a tiny bit more joyful--the eye cleaning continues without having to sedate her. This thrills me immensely. Dahney loves sitting on the yellow shelf, overlooking the Welcome Room office. Right now, there are 4 cats sleeping on the warm laundry.

JoeBob sure is feeling better--this is so nice to see. It seems like he's finally shaking that cold he had. He loves to play with Weber. Weber is tackling a tiny little mouse, while JoeBob is playing with another big stuffed rat. Darilyn has pulled no less than 10 pieces of hair out of my head already this morning--her favorite thing to do. Yesterday, while Lorraine and I was eating lunch, Emaline climbed on her shoulder and promptly gave her the "welcome" of rubbing all over her head and hair--Emaline's trademark! 

Magenta and Ada Jane have both eaten a good breakfast again today. We weighed quite a few of the cats yesterday, trimmed toenails and cleaned ears. That's always an adventure. We also got caught up on the treatments that needed to be done. 

I'm very very sorry to tell you that we lost Darby yesterday. As you know, our sweet Darby was returned to us on Thursday with a multiple list of medical conditions. Last Thursday, he was taken to the vet's in obvious distress and almost passed away due to heart disease and pulmonary edema. He came here on Saturday and has done very well. Yesterday he played, pottied by himself without any trouble and had the whole Thumper's Room to romp in, which he did. His color was good, his respirations good, his lungs were clear. Late afternoon, while a volunteer and I was in his room, he received a good petting, then I noticed he was "tilting". Sure enough, he collapsed and passed away while I was already on the phone with the vet. His heart simply stopped. What a shocker, after seeing him play all day. I'm glad he was here, where he was having lots of TLC and fun. He was a baby when he was first adopted by his owner. Darby was 7 1/2 years old. 

I would like to thank:
Melinda F from NC--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kevin H from UK--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal
Judeanlee/Judy L from OH--a donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Stuart D/stubie from UK--donation thru PayPal for Derecho--to be used for something specific for this special boy.

Kitty Kabana update: The construction guy was here yesterday again. He got the last of the dry wall up and lots of the caulking done. We have been leaving the floor heater on, in preparation of getting the new floor dried thoroughly for the floor covering. 

Haylow is taking over Badu's job of chewing up my papers. She has chewed up into tiny tiny pieces three items today already. It must be fun! Gallant's wound is looking good. We're in the final phase of healing, but still have an area yet to go. Montana's sutures are now removed. His incision looks wonderful. He's a very graceful 3-legged boy. 

Graciela--she was smiling big time today, knowing she has a home soon!