Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, Feb. 15

Run, tumble, jump, meow, run faster, ambush--these are the favorite things for the four kittens to do. Then add Joe Bob and Willard into the mix and you have a lot of fun! The shyness is going away and more self-confident kittens are emerging. So sweet. Mary and Ron were here again last night to visit their new kittens, Tolo and Cooper. 

We had an update from PetFinders. The 12 cats most looked at were: Boing, Raza, Badu, Farrah, Octavia, Tizzie, Buckeye, Haylow, Weber, County, Willard and Preakness. We have a couple families coming tomorrow, Saturday morning to look at kittens. Possibly JoeBob will be leaving for his new home!

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, the 3rd afghan auction will start. This one is the beautiful white/light blue/aqua afghan made by Linda T/Clemm. It's beautiful. Open bids will be taken for 24 hours and will end promptly at 6 pm on Saturday. This auction is a little different--bids will be accepted in any amount from $1 to $20, but not over $20. So, you may want to keep a sharp eye on how the bid is going. Look for all this excitement on the FFRC facebook chatters page. The reason we do this on the chatters page, is we need to "pin" this auction, so it stays at the top of the page and we cannot do that on the other FFRC's facebook page. Thanks for understanding! Let's have some fun with this.

Please keep voting. My--what a very close voting race. Yesterday we were at 4.15 and today we are at 4.16. But, the second place was 3.99 yesterday and today is at 4.02. Please remind your friends to vote.Our goal for this $10,000 prize: to finally get the siding on Kitty City, (most of it is just plywood at this time) and to put on a real Catio--instead of the shed that's on the side for extra room. This has been a goal for a long time and we sure hope to be able to accomplish this. Kitty City houses the Cat's Cove for the winter and is used for many different purposes the rest of the year. It's a very well used building! 

I've heard from the family that adopted Boing and Miler already. Sounds like this is a very happy household. Here is the report: Boing is either in stop or go motion--he's either napping or playing hard. He has already become the "greeter of the door" to their friends and family. The only problem with Miler is....he purrs too loud!! Miler also likes to sleep under the covers! Sounds like all is well. I'd like to clarify something. 

We had BOXES last night!
Simon S/Dianelamar3 from UK--a big bag of Purina One chicken & rice
Jennifer T/jt2101--Da Bird toy and extra attachments
PhillipCleoNJ--Winterberry Tower of goodies (lots of good things!), Fannie Mae chocolate covered huge strawberries, and a case of Friskies can food
Middiemom/Patty V--case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp
Jeanette B from TN with Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Ben, Nels and Maddie--Valentine card with story & pics of Little Man and her rescues, valentine cards for all the kitties, turkey snackers for Micah, Evo high protein food for Gallant, Snackers for Doce, Sequoia, Covies & Porchies, case of Friskies Rise n Shine can food
Scotty/Vallor & Cathy D with Max & Angel--kitty Valentine card, 2 bags of chocolate covered potato chips, individual bags of Simply almonds & cranberries, 2 bags of Reeses mini's, 2 boxes Strawberry truffles, Sees box of chocolates, bag of mousie toys, lots of snackers, sardines, 24 cans of Tiki cat food, Turkey food for Micah  Loved the pics of Max and Angel
Anonymouse Friend--case of Fancy Feast Florentine
Gramma June for Derecho--red bed for Valentines Day
Kelly R from CA--2 boxes of appetizers, case of Fancy Feast medley Tuscany, bag of Royal Canin Adult and bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Elaine B from PA (Lorraine's sister)--a donation for FFRC
Lorraine (our visitor!)--2 kitty play cubes, gorgeous hummingbird trinket box and a sleeping kitty in white bisque
WarpedinMN/Connie S--4 rectangular kitty beds, rings for Telo, 2 memory foam bath mats, soft green blankie, package of micro fiber towels and 3 gorgeous rugs that she made from her looms (will go up for auction)
Patricia M/Somors--yellow and orange microfiber rugs for Kitty kabana Room
Sherry W & son David from NY--pretty Valentine card
Ardencharmaine--case of Friskies prime filets, case of Friskies meaty bits, 3 more cases of Friskies and box of kitty litter
Doce & Catcruzer--Valentines card, 3 boxes of Whoopie Pies (banana, chocolate chip & peanut butter) These are delicious!
Kay B/kznco from CO and with a picture of kitty Rio--Valentine card with  beautiful message, donation in honor of Admins, Mods, chatters & lurkers, 3 packages deluxe snackers, 5 bags of sugar free candy, chocolate pb hearts, heated cat bed and a book: The Dali Lamas Cat
Miss Octavia of the Fine Arts of Heist Academy to share with Raza and Telo & friends--2 cases WHiskas packets and a case of Purrfectly chicken
Emmie05/Laura from AL--Valentine card & valentines for all the kitties and a Visa gift card
Kikimycat/Ellen E from FL--kitty Valentine card, bag of Reeses candies and a bag of variety candies
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation for "the ailing and needy cats", thru PayPal
Anniecat/JoAnne H--kitty card  and donation for FFRC
Mary/Blueberry/missymjj & Temykitty12--a beautiful handmade valentine card
John & Suzie S--a donation and letter for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--a donation, in memory of Darby, thru PayPal
Gusti--a donation thru PayPal for x-rays and vet costs for Koharu and friends

The Kabana's palm tree is a big success--the cats love it. They very fascinated by the palm branches. They're a lot of fun to watch them play in it. Gallant's wound is looking better today again. We'll keep up with the antibiotics yet. Putter was out for a short bit twice yesterday. Basically, he comes out one door and goes to the other door to go back into the house! Kiara is inside the big red shoe toy that's for Doce--she's looking pretty happy with herself that she got inside it! 

Sleepy Haylow--what a sweetie!