Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday, Feb. 16

Our 4 kittens have now expanded to 7. Oh my, these are some real cuties! The 3 new ones are 2 girls and 1 boy. They are about 6 weeks old, look bright and alert and already playing. The boy is a "ticked" tiger and the girls are both tortis--one is creamy and the other is more gold. Names will be given soon. Last night we put all 7 of them in the front office, by themselves, to run and play and get to know each other. A very fun and happy bunch of kitties. 

On  Monday, the construction guy will return and get the walls up in the front office. This will probably take about 2 days. The walls never had the "finished" walls that the rest of the Rescue Center has, so when this is complete, it'll mean all the walls in the Rescue Center are done! We've been repainting the shelves to make them look new again (had lots and lots of scratches in them). The color is lavendor! Even the front office door was painted, thanks to Lorraine! Yesterday completed the last coats of paint to the windows in Kitty Kabana room. It's all falling into place!

Remember to put your bid in, on the present afghan! It's on the FFRC's facebook chatters page. This 24 hour auction ends promptly at 6 pm tonight! We have had lots of wonderful comments about these 3 afghans that we've done and so we may continue to have some auctions on Fridays/Saturdays. The winner of this 3rd afghan will be announced as soon as all is sorted! Thank you for this support.

Shhhh--Derecho is finally sleeping and he's on my lap! This boy has been very high-speed this morning. He gets so excited when he plays and gets very hyped up. Now, it's nap time. Telo and Willard are on the palm tree shelf with Tabitha on the top of the palms...again. That seems to be her favorite place! 

We took in a new cat yesterday. She's a sweetie--a real chirper girl. Just looking at her produces a chirp and trill from her! She's a calico and her name is Maui--a name from the Catathon names. It's pronounced mow-ee  (short O and long E).  She's tested negative, will get her bath  and  begin her vaccinations today also. Maui was "just there" on a porch. The people that brought her in have no idea where she came from. Maui is  a very sweet girl.

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you all. 
Mary H--2 feather wands for the Undercover Mouse toy
Wolfpatch--card with Wolfpatch and his foster kitty Prince, magnetic cabinet locks (Octavia is worried!), and the best snickerdoodle cookies in the world, made by Wolfpatch
Faithy--2 yeooow bananas,  yeoooow sardines, Tail Spinner toy (big hit), Bada Beam laser toy and a Senses Speed circuit toy--thanks for adding fun to FFRC!
Betz--a huge, wonderful, red Valentine card, good for year-round good thoughts!
Elizabeth H--an umbrella beach chair for the Kabana Room--it's purple!
KatzrKewl--a very pretty pillow, Peaches n Cream candle for KK, cats ruyle rug, kitty hat for Jacci, kitty picture, bunches of various cat toys, Hello Kitty tape, Fancy Feast, Caddy Shack catnip flavor snacks, microfiber pillowcase, 3 towels, postie notes and 2" tape
Wiskcatmomof4/Rita S--Keurig coffee cups, Keurig tea cups, box of coffe cups/lids, 2 boxes of creamer and Lipton Tea decaf and individual Maxwell House coffee sticks
Holly W/williamsholly from MI--kitty card with a donation, 5 beautiful neck scarves (blues and one brown), an awesome afghan for Derecho that has a big red heart and D-Man on it, 2 afghan to be used for auctions (a white green and burgundy with Greek key border and a multi-color granny square)
Painteddaisy/June--pillow Pets (elephant and Bee), doggie snackers, 3 binders and TONS of always need plates--6', 7' and 9' !
Kelly R--Fancy Feast appetizer 
Anonymous friend--coupons, already sorted! 
Arden B from IN--a donation for the new 3 kitties thru PayPal

I've gotten an e-mail in regards to Canton and Treesa who were FFRC cats, recently adopted. Both are doing great. "they brighten our everyday with their lovely playful personalities". Canton is their night watcher, keeps an eye on things and lets the owners know what is going on and Treesa is always carrying on conversations with them! The picture they sent is lovely.

Joyful is improving! This thrills me! Her left eye is almost normal and her right eye is improving! And she is letting us work with her with less stress! She even walked into the Welcome Room Office and took a nap in one of the desk chairs--what a girl! 

I would just like to thank each and every one of you for your votes. It's a tight race, we're still ahead and keeping our lead. Please continue to vote. I so much appreciate it. YOU are what is making this possible for FFRC!! 

Telo--Raza's son, sure would be wonderful in a home!