Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! Hope you have a special day. You are all so very special to this rescue center! The cats will get some bonita flakes today--even the Barnies, Covies and Porchies! The volunteers will get (thanks to viewers): a Valentine cookie, a pastry from Meek's Bakery, a Valentine bag with goodies in it and a Valentine Card. So very nice--I am also extremely grateful for the support shown the volunteers by the viewers. Means a lot to me and them. Thank you. 

At the moment, I have all 4 of the youngest kittens running around like mini-steam engines here in the office. So much energy. They sure do know how to have fun. Here's the good news: the two new ones (male, polydactyls) are now on hold. Yes--they are going together to a family that has already adopted from us in the past (Mary & Ron). They visited them yesterday and want to give them both a wonderful, loving home. They'll still be here for a while. Next week is their x-ray/neuter day and then on the 26th will be officially adopted. So very glad for these two baby kittens!

We also had two adoptions yesterday! These are the people that had adopted Darby. Because of super high vet bills (4 months working with Darby), they knew they could no longer keep up with the care, so they did the right thing and brought him back to FFRC. Little did we all know how short his time would be here. They still have Danny (also adopted 8 years ago from FFRC) and Danny and the owners are very lonesome for another cat. So, they came and Boing and Miler conquered the two owners--they thoroughly will be loved and given a wonderful home. I do believe each of them was sporting a big smile upon leaving--both the owners and our cats! 

We also had a cat that was spayed yesterday. Koharu made her way to the vets and had her physical (passed with flying colors) and her spay. She's still a bit tired today, but is recovering. Joyful is having her eyes cleaned 2-3 times a day and she is so much more cooperative. Much less stress, for her and for us! Gallant's burn wound is still healing. It turned a very bright red a couple days ago. It looks good, but we've restarted his antibiotics and now applying his burn cream 2-3 times a day. He'll be fine. He sure does wander around alot in the rescue center. He no longer stays in Kitty Campus Room, but he still loves his orange blanket to sleep on. Montana is also doing great--full recovery ahead. Sutures are out, incision area looks good. He is a pretty easy going boy. Doce is sleeping with Bella on the red poof at the moment! 

Oh my--we had BOXES galore! What a wonderful thing! Thank you so very much.
Cataman--a true big bunch of snackers, a TSC gift card and wine corks for Bonnie
Jennifer L from MN--(these are in memory of Asia Moon), feather ball toys, laser light, other kitty toys, 2 boxes of Purrfectly chicke/fish packets, a box of Arm and Hammer Litter
Medic/Laura H--case of Fancy Feast
Tom & Gillian from UK--6 boxes of Bondi Licks
Mary H/CatbyTE4--rechargable AA batteries and charger
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too from FL--stickers, 2 wonderful horse/cat books, peanut butter candy, box of Keurig hot chocolate, collar for Farrah, Fancy Feast and Appetizer and sardines (for the Covies and Barnies)
Phil--a wonderful gift was given--a real rose preserved and tipped in gold--absolutely beautiful
Elizabeth H, Abby, Becky Doodle, for her celebration of retirement! 2 santa hat beds for next Christmas, a lighted play pad, squeekie ball with mouse, large crazy circle toy and a nice microfiber towel
Pam W/psw--2 large bags of Bonito flakes (will share with the Covies, Porchies and Barnies)
Kelly R--3 cases of baby food
Penny V from OH--a letter, 3 kitty toys, kitty snackers, canw of shrimp, crab and salmons, case of Purrfectly Chicken, case of Fancy Feast and a really cute cat plaque!
Sandra E--2 cases of Kitten Turkey fancy feast
Betz from PA--kitty holder for hand sanitizers (thanks, Betz!), valentine cookies for the volunteers
Anonymous Friend for Gracielas Hope Chest--Revolution, snackers, canned food, toys, kitty mat, mats for food dishes, a neat yellow food dish and a doantion for Graciela
FaithyMD--ultimate Kitty Palm Tree for Kitty Kabana room
Conii, Madissyn & Elliott--card for Derecho, 3 Derecho vests with his name on them, 6 yeooow Valentine toys, cheese chase toy, lots of other toys, 3 soft blankies, Snoozie hide & seek bed, fleece rectangular fluff bed, 2 cuddle beds, a cat sign, doggie snackers, pill cutter, tablet cutter and pill crusher, various sizes of cat food can covers, a Derecho Bag from Zazzle
Debbie & Jim from GA--card for Volunteers and FFRC, 2 stuffed toys for the doggies and a squeaky duck toy, bunches of cat toys, collars, stickers, Valentine goodies, and a box of Valentine sacks for each of he volunteers
Jennifer T/jt2101--case of baby food chicken
Megsyss/Meagan--King Cake for Mardi Gras from Louisiana

WE also had a special ENVELOPE opening time around 1 pm yesterday, due to 3 days of mail back-piled! Many thanks to:
Mary Ann B from NY--a very nice letter and a beautiful cat pin
Stellan and Sylvia B from Netherlands--a letter with awesome pictures of their cat Sheila
Patricia M from IL--
Diana B/bopeeps3 from FL--a Valentine card
Cheryl L from WA--a Valentine card
Mary B from OH--a beautiful 
Andy, Jenny and our special friend, Hannah from IN--a Valentine card
Ron R from CT--a card for Ada Jane
Jackson & Sammie, Jack's mom and Jack's dad--a letter and a donation to FFRCand a really neat Valentine pop-out card
Lillian M from IL & Oreo, Max, Elvis, Baby, Xend, Juci, Sweetie, Boy--a card for FFRC and one for Gallant
Americat/JoAnne H from KS--a Valentine card
Susie/volspeach and John S--a Valentine card
Caren F--Hello Kitty Heart Shaped Chocolates in gift boxes
MaryAnn/thecatsmeow59 from NY--a very sweet letter amd a thank you card and a gift (thank you)
James H from Ohio--a donation for FFRC
Patch and two humans Adrian & Malcome--a special Valentine card to Derecho

I'm going to ask for forgiveness in advance. I know the envelope thank yous are not quite right. Please e-mail me with any corrections. My excuse?  Simple--they got messed up and I'm so sorry. Please let me know and I will gladly correct it. 

Thanks to all of you!  We will have BOXES again tonight! Please remember to vote! Please remind your friends to vote too. I sure do appreciate this! 

Telo is dreaming about how he can remind everyone to vote! 
Telo on a limb