Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday, Feb. 20

We have a problem. Someone forgot to tell Tolo and Cooper that we needed ALL of their parts for surgery today. They are each missing.....hmmm, shall we just say "a part". So, because of that, their neuter surgery will have to be delayed. That means we'll also delay their x-rays. I know that Tolo has had a sore front leg this week, but having x-rays done is not going to change anything. So, because it's far easier to have x-rays done on a sleeping kitty, we will hold also on the x-rays until they have their neuter done. 

Construction is coming along. Our construction guy got a lot of the wiring done yesterday--had to put in new sockets and also got more of the walls up in the front office. When he's done, we will have a big dusty mess to clean up--but that goes along with construction. Hopefully, soon will have it done! Today is the big day--having to move the big desk and the heavy file cabinets and autoclave. The kitties and cats have enjoyed romping in the front office, minus most of the furniture. Trim painting is almost done.

Obadiah is such an awesome cat. He and Telo have been playing with the stuffed catnip toys together--that's nice to see. Magenta insists on climbing up high for her naps. We try and keep an eye on her and cushion the floor, in case she falls. Gallant is still getting his special ointment applied twice daily. Montana is wonderful--he received several long back rubs yesterday. 

Charmaine is also doing super. Her incisions look good.  We'll remove her sutures next Thursday. She is out and about in Thumper's Room today. Maui has had a couple days now in the main area and is doing awesome. She's just fit right in and is ever so happy. 

I was greeted with the best thing this morning in Thumper's Room. Both of Joyful's eyes were open--that's a first! And we petted her quite a bit yesterday. She still needs her eyes cleaned daily, but definitely seeing an improvement. Bondi has been strutting about in the Welcome Room office--I do believe she considers herself the boss out there. The other office cats have to agree with that or she'll swat them! They have a good relationship! 

All is well here. A very busy morning to come. Please remember to vote! We are .15% ahead of the second place organization today. We will have BOXES tonight! Thanks for your support. 

Volunteer Brenda holding Graciela
Brenda & Graciela