Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday, Feb. 4

A late blog today! We've had the computers down for part of the morning. The construction of Kitty Kabana required for the electric to be off in the front office, which also affects all of the computers. But, we're back on now! 

Kitty Kabana update: The insulation is now all on, t he insulating plastic is now on half of the walls with a little of the dry wall on! The electric is now in place in the ceiling for 2 florescent lights. We're also keeping the room a tad warm, to help dry out the concrete floor. The floor guy says the floor needs heat to dry it enough to put the floor surface on the cement. So....progress is being made!

We had the Super Bowl Cat Fun Bowl yesterday! Oh my, we had so much fun with this. Mary H helped me with the whole production. We had a half hour segment at 11:30, 1:30 and again at 3:30. The football field was wonderful, along with 2 goalposts and cheering crowds in the stand. The cats had a laser show, circling bounding light show, battery operated mouse to chase, bonito flakes, catnip to enjoy, Mike C's FFRC CD to listen to. We also had a streaker dart across the field (Zap, the naked Z)--was hauled off by the Putter commissioner's group .Derecho also was declared a "wardrobe malfunction" as his vest was improperly put on! We had treats given, courtesy of the refreshment cats, lead by Octavia. Our head referee was Pania--figured a blind cat could do as good a job as any ref(!), the brother Paddys each were the coaches of the two teams. Anyway, we had fun! We did this to show our appreciation to you, the cammers! Hope you enjoyed!

Remember, we still have some of Leggy/Dew's flannel cat blankies for sale. They are $10, includes shipping. If interested, can send it thru PayPal. Designate for a boy cat, girl cat or doesn't matter. If there's a particular color you'd like, designate that and we'll do our best!

We also received some crocheted cat bowl beds that are available for sale. Each comes also with a pad for the inside. They are $18, includes shipping. For this, you can also pay thru PayPal, designate a cat bowl bed. These were made by magspa203.

We took in a new little kitten Saturday afternoon. His name is Sequoia, slate grey, about 6 weeks old and a boy. He was found on Route #24, a very busy highway, in the snow. Sweet little thing. He and Doce are becoming friends and spends a little of each day together. Will be good for both of them.  Sequoia was introduced to the cam at the Cat Fun Bowl.

Many thanks to the following for their PayPal donation:
beachkatz/Carla C--to help buy fluids for Ada Jane and any other kitty who needs it. 
Margaret H--to purchase a ticket for the 1st Cat Fun Bowl!!
Mary R/prisotis--to go towards the upcoming conference
Beth A--to use for food for the Super Bowl Cat Fun Bowl or for anything we wish (we had food for this event, so we're using this donation to provide pizza for the Advisory Board meeting today!)
Enrique B--donation for the Rescue Center
Janet/Janak--for the bubbles that Bella burst at the Cat Fun Bowl
PSW--for the fun of the Cat Fun Bowl
Linda/Goss--to pay for her seat at the Cat Fun Bowl
Jennifer M--a donation for FFRC
Betz--a donation to be given to Sarah, for her upcoming 18th birthday (this kind deed was done!)

We've also received Phil's payment for the afghan that was bid upon this past Friday and Saturday. Thanks, Phil--we'll get it out to you very quickly!

Montana is doing great! He's in Dodger's Pen now and has his door open. He's been going in and out as desired  Such a really nice adult brown tiger boy. He seems to get along with the rest of the gang.

Koharu--what a beautiful girl!