Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday, Feb.8th

Today, many of our viewers will be covered in snow. Please be safe, stay warm and we'll be keeping you all in our thoughts! 

Montana is a leg leaner--he loves to be underfoot and lean his head on a leg. I just love him! And that Dove--when she comes up to be petted, my heart melts. Just love that girl too. Pania is absolutely everywhere now! She's sometimes in Kitty Campus Room going up the steps, sometimes by the dog's room door playing with a toy, sometimes behind the wheel napping on a cushie. If she can't find her toy, she'll sit and reach out in all directions until she finds it. She's got her self-confidence! That's what we've been working on! So happy for her. 

Little Sequoia and Doce spent quite a bit of time playing together yesterday. This was just perfect to have Sequoia come in when he did. Doce really needed a pint-size friend. They curl right up together to nap and when they play--they make their pen rattle! Sarah and I were honored this morning. Joyful actually came forward, toward us to have her head patted. Not for long, but enough to show that she is trying. That in itself, makes for a great day!

We had BOXES last night! So many wonderful items--the cats and I thank you.
Schnowzers--case of Senior Salmon Friskies, 3 pack Lysol wipes, big bag of Purina One adult
Caren F--2 cases of Friskies canned (Bits and Seafood)
Painteddaisy/June K--3 ring kitty binder, 600 cotton rounds for Jyful, peppermint pig with its own hammer to break it up!, Saratoga Blizzard peanut butter, 2 bottles of Dawn soap, Saratoga Gourmet Dips, Saratoga Potatoe chips, Fancy Feast Appetizer, baby food jars, milk rings, 2 fishy toys
Tom & Gillian from UK--10 boxes of Bondi Licks (Bondi says thanks too!)
Mary S from NC and kitty Elsie--4 hand crocheted kitty bed pads--beautiful!
Viola W from CA--Temptation snackers (catnip flavor too!)
Nancy D from Hamilton, OH--donation for FFRC
Colorado Eagle--Eagle card and a donation in honor of Justme's birthday
Michlynn--card and coupons
Joni/Catlady and her wonderful kitties (Joni is spending 2 days here, in Kitty Kastle)--letter from Tessa, orange kitty cave, kitty scratcher, case of Gravy Sensations, address label blanks, handmade chocolate & camamel toppings, Roy Canin dry kitty food, heated pet bowl, candle warmer & 4 scents, Oreo cookies, kitty snackers, 2 cases of Purrfectly chicken, homemade double picture frame and jewelry box (it's beautiful), paper towels, an extra delicious pie and Monkey pizza bites for lunch (Joni is an excellent cook!)
Gramma June--new condo furniture for Derecho and friends
Aunty Fi--donation to purchase a Caity Bag for Pat, to hold her yarn
Marcia S--a donation thru PayPal to use where most needed

We have our Petfinder's Weekly Report. Our top 12 cats that were viewed are: Boulder, Badu, Raza, Weber, Buckeye, Octavia, Engelina, Miau, County, Spruce, Darilyn and Zelda. 

Tonight at 6 pm sharp, the bids begin! Our second afghan goes up for sale, thru closed bids. The e-mail address is Please make sure you enter ONLY the word-Bid_in the subject of the email. In the body of the lette, put your chat name and bid amount. You will receive an automated response to say your bid has been received. Clues will be given at midnight, 6 am and noon as to the current bid, but no names will be divulged. At 6 pm sharp on Saturday, the bids are done. As soon as it's sorted, the winner will be announced! 

If you are interested in visiting FFRC and need to know the hotel names and numbers, here they are:
Comfort Inn                 419-784-4900
Hampton Inn                419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express     419-784-0782
Super * Motel              419-782-8000
Bed & Breakfast          419-956-9981   

Court has been returned. Apparently, he's been super active. They think he's a very sweet cat, but a bit much in the activity department. Remember, at the same time that he was being adopted, there was another family that was interested in Court, with 2 very nice young boys. I contacted this family yesterday and they are still very much interested in adopting Court. Good possibility that this may happen yet today! 

Magenta has taken a few tumbles in the past few weeks. One of the things that we will do is to keep rugs in front on the counter area--this seems to be the most common area where her falls happen. At least it will cushion the fall a little bit. She's just a little mite of a cat, and her eyes are foggy (natural aging process), so we want to try and help her as much as we can.