Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday, Feb. 19

Oh happy day for Charmaine! She's feeling great. She had her surgery yesterday, where her terribly injured front leg was removed. They did a beautiful job on her. She also had her spay done at the same time. So, now on to recovery. According to Charmaine, her recovery requires lots and lots of petting! She just can't get enough.

Tomorrow is Tolo and Cooper's turn to go to the vet's office. They will be neutered and have x-rays of their legs. What a difference in them this past week. They've gone from being a little shy, to boldly asking for attention! The seven kittens all get along beautifully. They've had the run of the front office quite a bit and they love it. Can really spin their wheels. Derecho has become their #1 friend, along with Telo.

We had a BOX yesterday!
Wendy B from WI--4 hat/scarf sets and 2 afghans. The afghans are raspberry/rose colored and the second one is a baby afghan with yellow, white, green, pink and blue. Both are absolutely beautiful. The hat/scarf sets are really pretty and I love the hats that go with them!  She also sent a book called Menopaws, The Silent Meow! Sounds very interesting! Thanks!

Thanks too to:
Arden and Charmaine from IN--a donation thru PayPal to help with medical expenses
Mary K from PA--a donation thru PayPal to help with medical expenses or where needed

Please continue to vote. We are just .17% ahead of the second place organization, but we are still ahead! That means a lot to me and FFRC! Thank you so much for each and every vote! We have an awesome team out there helping us!

Linden and Nance are playing dare--if you touch that feather toy again, I'll bop you. I think they're even in their playing! Kiara is on the desk with me, doing her usual chirping. Telo is watching the birds out the window. He and I had a long game of toss the plastic ring and retrieve it yesterday. 

The construction is continuing. The new white walls are about 1/3 done now in the front office. Can't wait to finish this room--it will have purple/lavender accents. As soon as he's done cutting all the wall boards in Kitty Kabana Room, we will be able to give this room a big wash down and then decorate it. I can't hardlywait for the cats to enjoy this room. They'll love all the windows! I already love watching the river across the road!

Derecho just strolled by with his vest on that says his name. I never tire of watching his determination of  getting himself to where he wants to go. Asha is bouncing around a ping pong ball and chasing it! Tabitha's favorite thing right now is getting to the top of the palm tree! 

Dennison--just love how he plays! 
Dennison by FoFRCphoto