Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, April 13th

Where, oh where, in the world is Paddy? He's been on his world tour, but the last I heard he is back in the USA, but where? We've lost track of him. I do know that he has a friend now traveling with him. I heard that Paddy may be in Maine Island, but not sure. If anyone can update me as to where our Paddy World Traveler is, I'd appreciate it. It shouldn't be much longer before he comes back to FFRC.

I've heard from the lady who will be adopting Hettie. She will be here yet this month to pick up her new cat! Hettie is excited! We've also heard from the family that adopted Turing and Diffie, now known as Mac and Tosh. Yesterday was their 1st birthday. The pictures of them show how happy they are. Much love in that family! The family that adopted Marcin also sent pictures. He just had his 2nd birthday. He is very loved and living a good life! Maximillion is on hold and will be leaving on 4/27.

April 16th will start the GiveLitter program. They have asked for our logo and will promote us on their site! They have, to date, given away 58,415 pounds of litter to organizations! People can vote once daily. We will keep you posted.

Also, please remember this is the month that HeyKittyKitty is donating some of their proceeds from their on-line cat store to FFRC! Their site is: If you are ordering any shirts, you may want to order one size bigger, as they seem to run a bit small. The quality of their shirts are very nice.

We also are on the Causes site. The web address is: Check it out!

The kittens have increased their playtime in the main part of the Rescue Center. What fun that is. Definitely having to do more of the human "kitty shuffle walk" now, to avoid stepping on any little toes! They have been having so much fun on that mesh tunnel. Filbert is out more also. He was even spotted last night playing with some of the catnip toys! So nice to see he is relaxing some here and enjoying himself. Sugar Plum is out more too and she's adjusting much better.

It's official. Dr. Darci will come on 5/12 and do all of FFRC's spays/neuters in the morning. The afternoon we will have a Volunteer Wellness clinic. The volunteers can bring their cats/dogs for medical updates. Dr. Amanda will be here about 6:30 pm on 4/16 to give needed physicals to our FFRC cats and recheck Jaina, County, FiFi, Emaline and Angel Kisses.

We had BOXES last night!Today is a great day for FFRC to express our sincere thanks to all of those who have changed the life of this rescue center for the better. You are all treasured for the various ways of support that is shown to us.
GermanSiggi--4 cases of chicken baby food
Sigrid (volunteer)--hair dryer for Kitty Kastle
CherylAnn275--a case of Friskie Gravy Sensations. 2 cases of Friskies
CathiB--2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Dewittycdw1--6 bottles of Tide HE (we do 15-20 loads of laundry a day)
IreneB--a case of Fancy Feast classic
HeatherK--a very nice rug, 4 blankies, 1 1/2 case of Fancy Feast, a bag of Purina Pro Plan for cats and a really neat Kong toy tunnel
Scraps & Squares quiling group--sent a donation and a letter
ColleenP in CA--2 envelopes full of coupons
Betz57--a lovely card with a donation for special food for the cats, but especially Cutie and a hug to be given to Cutie (done!)
Nuki-Master sent a letter with input from Ringo and Starr also. These 3 cats sent items for the Rescue Center and Cat's Cove. A very special envelope was marked "Oh-So-Special" and included a whisker from Nuki-Master! Also enclosed was a pair of socks that memoralizes Sabrina T. Cat III, that needs to be kept in the new Storage Room. Also donated is a check to go towards the Storage Room. What wonderful cats!

Asha is doing wonderful. She LOVES to be in a lap. If you ever hear lots of squeaking noises on the cam, it's probably Farrah, as she carries around a spring toy. Grominique is a sweetie--she's also a big lap sitter. Macallen has been playing with the kittens--he's pretty gentle with them!
Here's Buffy all curled up and comfortable! Buffy wants to remind everyone to vote every day, please at and help us win!