Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Shimma went to her new home. She went to a friend of the Rescue Center. The new mama already called last night and said that Shimma ate, was playing and was very relaxed. More to come from Shimma soon, I'm sure!

We also took in 3 new kittens yesterday. They are ever so cute. They are about 6 1/2 weeks old and had been on someone's property. The mama has disappeared. We have a long hair white with blue eyes (male), a long hair grey, slight tiger (female) and a medium hair dark tiger/white (male). These kitties have been tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed and wormed already. Right now they are in quarantine in Thumper's Room. They arrived with fleas, but are now flea-free. Very sweet babies. They will have names soon.

Yesterday, Bella and Emaline each were seen licking/bathing some of the Wee3/Fab4 kittens. That was so nice to see and the kitties thoroughly enjoyed it. These 7 kittens are growing. We weighed them and they've each gained between 1 to 3.5 ounces in the last week.

Farrah loves to play in the grooming tub with her spiral toy, chirping the whole time with it in her mouth. The weather was nice yesterday, so the cats again enjoyed their outdoor enclosure. The bird feeders are all around the enclosure, so it provides a lot of entertainment! Rizzo is everyone's friend--such a wonderful cat. She loves to play chase with any of the toys.

Mama Purresa is such a relaxed cat. We now have names for the Purr5 kitties. The tiger/white girl is Purrdita. Her twin brother, tiger/white is Purrgeron. The black/white boy is Purrby and the 2 twin brown tiger boys are Purrkins and Purrdue. Hence, the Purr5 kittens!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks so much for your kindness & generosity.
Beverly M/bevm8040--sent an Angel Care sound monitor. An awesome gift--now I will be able to pick up sounds from the rescue center in the house!
C and L F from MI--lots of plastic potty bags
Anonymous--special food for Ada Jane, Magentta, Asha and friends and Yeowww catnip balls
Donna H--2 cases of 6 inch paper plates (this helps save us washing/drying of dishes!)
Pam H/cassie4321 from FL--an Easter card
Jodie/alsanim12 & Yokie B/hediye1) from Turkey--a giant tuxie cat card!

FYI--Rory and Flare have been spending time in Thumper's Room the last 2 days. They had been outside cats that have decided to spray in the rescue center. They also have become a bit of bullies--cornering our oldsters and other adult cats. We can't have this, so these 2 wonderful boys will join the Kitty City cats. These are the cats, who we love, but have behavior issues (mainly spraying) that we cannot adopt out. Paul has been working on Cat's Cove and has power washed it--it's so nice and clean and now ready for the cats to spend their next 8 months in the Cove. The Kitty City is their winter home. Moving day is this week, unsure of exact day yet.

I would like to clear the air on a subject that I see has been brought up yet again. Unfortunately there is a person who still insists on spreading rumors about me and FFRC. When I say that a cat is going to Uncle Eric's house, that is exactly what I mean. This does NOT and has NEVER meant that the cat is euthanized. Eric is a true friend to FFRC. He takes special needs cats from me and opens his home and awesome huge sunporch to them. All the cats I have taken to Eric, have been feral cats or severely traumatized (socially) cats. Eric is a true saint--he does this in private and is to be commended, not lied about. So..... if you are one of the people who have been PM'd to or e-mailed to about this subject from this particular person, I am clarifying this, I hope, for the last time. These cats have a wonderful home with Eric and are well taken care of.

While I'm clarifying things, let me add this too. There is a person who is constantly calling ffrc and hanging up. I'm sure this person reads this blog. We have already blocked several of the numbers you are using to call. Since you are persistent, I'd like you to know that I am too. All your different phone numbers you are using and your calling history, is being shared with the Sheriff's dept. My advice for you is to stop these phone calls.

Now, onto happier notes! All is fine here at the Rescue Center. We love what we are doing and enjoy sharing the lives of these cats with you! Thank you for being a part of this Rescue Center.
7 Babies
The Wee3 and the Fab4 kitties, one is playing peek-a-boo!