Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weds., April4

What a wonderful day today is! The birds are singing, the kitties look good and are playing and the big cats are happy! And we are a healthy group here.

We did not do BOXES last night, as Steve and I went to a later movie and it was a bit late to open any by the time we got back. But, we will have BOXES tonight! There's already 7 boxes from yesterday and 1 envelope!

Purresa wanted out of her pen this morning to stretch her legs. I believe this is going to be the Move Day. We will move the Wee3 and the Fab4 into Cat's Corner Room so they have more room to play. Then we will move Purresa and her 5 kitties into June's Room. After cleaning Dodger's Pen (from Purresa & kits), we will then move the 3 long hair kitties into this pen. Lots of shuffling around, but it's all part of getting bigger!

We also have moved Flare (last night) and Rory (this morning) to Kitty City. After putting down Bonito flakes to distract the resident Kitty City Cats, all seems to be going well. Flare is ever so wanting to get OUT though. But, all in all, seems to be a good transition.

Hettie and Jaina goes from scuffling each other to playing with each other! Oh, the life of cats! I do believe though that they truly are friends. Zelda is here on the desk with me, messing with my fingers, causing mistakes. But, isn't that what the delete button is for?!

Please keep checking into the facebook page. Cantoncat is telling the stories of Kitty City/Cat's Cove cats. You will certainly enjoy these! Remember too, to check out They have us as their April Cash for Cats fundraiser. Proceeds from their sales will be shared with FFRC! They truly have a cool cat shop on the net!

I would like to thank:
Elizabeth S from Australia for her PayPal donation
Renee C from Nova Scotia for her PayPal donation

The dust was thick here yesterday. The construction guys were here and had to cut the cement which they will remove (maybe today) to start the construction of the new Storage Room. I can't tell you how excited I'll be for this to begin. They also have just a tiny bit left of the shower for Kitty Kastle to be done. Then, we will go in and do a major cleaning, paint the new bathroom walls and move everything in! I love improvements and changes!

The #1 reason that cats are relinquished or euthanized is for inappropriate elimination issues. Use these guidelines to help insure that your cat won't have to experience this problems.
--A litterbox should be accessible at all times.
--If you have more than 1 floor, make sure you have a litterbox for each level.
--One box per each cat, plus one is a good guideline to follow.
--Cats do not like messy, smelly litterboxes. Keep the boxes scooped.
--Be sure litterboxes are not too small. They need room to get in & turn around. (Rubbermaid totes make excellent litterboxes!)
--Keep litterboxes in quiet, low traffic areas. Cats like privacy!
--Many cats do not like lids on their boxes or heavily perfumed litter.

Soy Boy
SoyBoy says he'll welcome Flare & Rory into Kitty City!