Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, April 19

Shaling is wonderful. She comes out of her pen, Dodger's Pen, off and on, but goes back frequently to take care of her babies. We have found that over the years, if they tolerate this in/out of their room or pen, they adjust to the main stream so much better. Her 5 kitties are so sweet. Eyes still tightly closed, have round tummies and sleep all the time yet, except for a few wiggly feet now and then.

Purresa's 5 babies are absolutely big. They will be 3 weeks this Tuesday. Getting stronger. Mary E and I weighed all the kittens yesterday and all have had good weight gains.

We are definitely doing the "kitty shuffle" now! The 12 group of kittens are out more and more. They zig, zag, run, sprint, then collapse in a ball of napping furry bodies! Definnitely, a lot of fun; we love it!

Our visitor, Nikka left last night and I've heard she arrived home safely. Kissty Kastle has been prepped and now ready for our next visitor! We have found though that we do have a bit of a problem with the shower. I've called the construction guys, and hopefully they'll be here asap to fix it. Not a real big problem, I hope!

I still have Twinkle's rainbow monkey on my desk--I like it here. Reminds me of that sweet girl. I also have that awesome card on my desk. Maybe you hear it thru the cam now and then, cause I frequently open the card to hear the song "Lean on Me". I think that should be our song for FFRC. We'll take care of the matters here, but you all "out there" help us accomplish this thru your support of many ways!

Voting continues for the Litter GiveAway. The site is The last I looked this morning, we had 4,130 votes. That is amazing. I understand we get 1 pound of litter per vote! That's ALOT and will help us. Granted, we use an enormous amount of litter, and this will be a tremendous help.

I will not be doing any posts for a few days since my surgery is tomorrow. (if you missed that, please check yesterday's blog). So...bear with me and know I'll be posting again soon. All will be fine and I'll be back soon. I'll keep in touch with the moderators and will have them pop a note on facebook how things are going! But, in the meantime, please continue to also vote for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are currently #1, but we must maintain this until 6/15 to win $5,000. I just have this feeling that we can do it!!

We had BOXES last night!
Skeetokins--Arm & Hammer Litter
Anonymous--a case of Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef
KimK--8 Detroit tickets for Steve (he is so grateful--a very very faithful Detroit fan!), 2 star candleholder sconces, autumn leaves tea light candleholders, Keurig Hot Apple Cider, book "Historical Cats", porcelain figure with fragrance oil. Awesome gifts.
Colleen/leenie--Charles Sysocki "Too Pooped to Participate" tote bag and artistic throw/wall hanging for the Catathon. Absolutely beautiful!
LGarrett/kznco from South Africa--stool leggings to avoid scratching the floor--really neat! Made with cotton and bamboo.
JoyceR/JoyceOH from OH--a gorgeous handpainted (by Joyce) kitty picture for catathon

Bella is comfy cozy in the big red marshmallow bed--she likes to sink right down into the middle of it! Zelda is once again on my desk. If I even slightly touch her, she chirps! Cutie is laying beside Zelda. Jaina is looking out the window, already wanting to go out on the outside enclosure. Cyrilla and Jaina have been playing in the grooming tub together--lots of wrestling going on there!

Boomer, taking a nap, inbetween his crazy playing time!