Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, April 10

Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Humbled! Appreciative! Stunning! Happy! These are just some of the things I thought and felt when I saw the results of the voting at The Animal Rescue Site. We are in the lead with a good healthy start! Things can change rapidly, so please, keep voting for FFRC. Remember, you can vote every day!I truly am humbled and grateful.

We did not have BOXES last night, as I had a program to give to a quilting group in Wauseon, Oh. Their club is called Scraps to Squares. Last year at one of the programs that I did, there was a lady there that belongs to this Scrap to Square club. She presented an idea to her group and they took off with it! After many months, we got together last night and they presented FFRC with many cat-size quilts. They are all colors and sizes--just wonderful! They also donated paper towels, laundry soap, plastic bags, vinegar, etc. A very nice group of women.

The kitties are running around like little crazy kitties should! They are so cute, energetic and friendly. Even Badu and Putter is patient with them (for the most part, at least!) Bella has been bathing the kitties more and more. Asha received a major back rub this morning. She has the most fantastic purr. FiFi has decided climbing is her thing right now. She's into everything and climbing everywhere!

Yesterday, Purresa decided to move her kitties on the floor (there's 3 layers of cushie blankets) instead of them being in their "nest". All have eyes either open or cracked now! This morning, I kept hearing a tiny mew, so went looking for the source. Purresa had put Purrby in the cabinet where all the blankies are and he couldn't figure out how to get back to the litter. He was promptly replaced back with Purresa and started guzzling--he was so hungry!

The construction guys were here yesterday. The Kitty Kastle isn't done yet, but very close. We have to paint the new bathroom door and put up towel racks, and the cabinet in the bathroom. Yesterday, they placed the toilet, sink, put in the shower head and finished the mop boards. We have our first guests/visitors to arrive next week! They also dug the foundation for the storage room and the cement was poured. We have progress now! I will keep posting pictures on facebook.

We had a donation to PayPal from a Meezer friend. Blue, who is a beautiful siamese, had her 12th birthday yesterday, and sent a donation to go towards the Storage Room! Blue and her friend, Selkie are from Nova Scotia.

Many thanks to our volunteers yesterday. They were: Linda/Clemm, Jodi, Riley, Jimmy, Ruth, Jackie S, Mary E and Angie. I would also like to say thanks to our webcam moderators. They do a fantastic job. Being a moderator is tough--trying to keep our chat G-rated, while keeping hundreds of people happy. I appreciate each one of them.

Kitty City has been power-washed clean! Even all the furniture was super-scrubbed. Today, it will be put back together and ready for use, if we need it for the spring/summer time. This building is wonderful, but is in need of work. The siding is only half done. The ceiling just has styrofoam in it, no "cover". We would like to put a real ceiling in it. As many of you know, we also have problems with this building flooding when we have a lot of rain. I've talked to the contractors and they have a couple ideas that may help. Just this week, we replaced one of the windows that was in dire need of replacement. It's a great building, just needs a little work!

Sevaun says "I'm not chubby, I'm just a big boned girl!" Sevaun loves a good tummy rub and chin scratching. She's one of the Cat's Cove cats.