Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weds., April 11

We are still in first place, but the second place organization has climbed a bit. They are at 1.87 and we are 4.56. Please help us win $5,000. All it takes is VOTING! Please vote each and everyday, spread the word to family and friends and post it on your facebook! Thanks for helping us with this great opportunity!

The construction guys were here yesterday! The floor for the back porch and the storage room is now poured. It was a chore to keep the sunporch cats off of it! I would've liked it, but the contractors didn't! I just laughed. Next, for the storage room is the framework. They will have an Amish crew come in to help with that. It'll be amazing how much they'll get done in one day! They also got the bathroom doorknob on and the light up in Kitty Kastle. Paul put up the bathroom storage cabinet. Mary was here last night and put the curtains up in the Wicker Room. All that's left to do is to paint the bathroom door. Our first guests arrive next week!

We took in a new cat yesterday. A sleek black very young adult. Stacey found her and named her Sugar Plum. It's a great name for her and she is so super cuddly. She's been tested, wormed, bathed and will receive her first vaccination today. She's still in Thumper's Room.

Filbert is in Patience's Pen. He loves to be petted, but is a rather shy guy. A real laid back cat with a very round belly! Maximillion walks around with a soft ball in his mouth quite a bit. He just loves to play. Cutie's fur is still growing back in. She is such a love. Emaline's eye sore continues to heal. The little kitties (wee3, fab4, yoyo gang and Roga and Dix are eating very well. Their tummies are round. They all gained a little more weight this week.

Many thanks yesterday to our volunteers Jimmy, Lisa, Martha L, Caity, Dorothy, Judy S, Judy M, Paul, Stacey.

We had BOXES last night. We're so grateful!
Sandy S/Poohman--a donation for the Catathon: a beautiful ceramic hand painted figurine with nine cats. It's called The Queen and her Court, made by Carol Lawson. A very pretty piece of art.
Anonymous Friend--a case of Friskies Prime Fillets
Sandra D--3 cases of Friskies can food
Anonymous Friend--for Raza and friends--2 cases of Fancy Feast (chicken & turkey)
Gossamer/Linda L--in appreciation of MsBlueWolf for making blubies for her cats: a case of Friskies, 8 zaney mouse catnip toys, a case of Fancy feast for Kittens, and a really neat Bunkbed/Playroom toy
Cantoncat--3 cases of large cans of Friskies (different flavors!)
Anonymous Friend--2 37# boxes of Arm and Hammer Kitty Litter
German Siggi--a beautiful Easter card (made by her 92 year old mom!) and another card with a $1 Bunny Bucks bill (had a bunny face on it!)
Twiggysmom/Ruth D--Ruth said these things can be used for Catathon, Kitty Kastle or FFRC: a seashell themed towel holder, handtowels & mug, cat toys, dog toys, cat tunnel, kids pink socks with kitties, 2 pillows, binder clips, stickers, 2 cat books, 15 stainless steel food bowls, Easter cards, a card for Twinkle with a donation. Ruth also sent 2 beautiful counted cross-stitched pictures that she made (both red ribbon winners). One is titled Feline Fantasy & the other is Royal Highness. Very pretty.

People have been asking me about the Catathon. There's a page now on our website: Just click on the Catathon tab. If anyone is interested in sending items for the baskets that will be auctioned off, we would love it. It does not have to be cat-related. But, to help us put the baskets together, please have all items here by June 1st. Thanks bunches for your help! It's a really fun event!
Kitty City Cat LeLe
LeLe--a Cat's Cove/Kitty City cat, looking sleepy! She and LaDonna are good friends!