Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, April 29

A beautiful day today. It's sunny, less windy and a bit warmer. The window to the outdoor enclosure porch is open for the cats in the Rescue Center. We also opened the door to Cat's Cove--they almost knocked me over in their haste to run around the farm yard! They'll be back, as soon as their supper is served!

We had 2 adoptions! Maximillion was adopted on Friday. He had a few hours of driving to his new home, but he didn't mind the drive at all. He's an awesome cat and I believe he'll be very happy. Hettie was also adopted on Saturday. Melissa took her home, but not before spending several hours petting ALL the cats in the Rescue Center! We enjoyed both of these new adoptive families' visits.

We also had a visit by catlvr14. A very nice webcam friend. She also brought an awesome basket for the Catathon. It's filled with items designed by Debra Jordan Bryan. There's a treat jar, a food dish, a beautiful throw, a yard sign and a door mat, all with her well known cat designs. There's also 2 wine glasses that can go with it, with pawprints on the glass. Thanks ever so much, Gina.

Wolverinegirl and husband Nick also visited FFRC (they're the ones who adopted Maximillion). They brought lotion, q-tips, postits, Mr. Clean, volunteer candy, windex, Dawn soap, bleach and plates. Thanks bunches!
Thanks too to Jodiann87 for these items for the Catathon: a book called Legacy of the Cat, and Martha Stewart Dental toys. When Melissa was here to adopt Hettie, she brought a neat wooden Cat Kleenex box. These are great additions to the Catathon!

I'd like to thank Cathy S from PA for her PayPal donation and to Laurin H from MA for her PayPal donation!

Our newbies, Penn and Teller are doing great. Each day they get healthier! Such loverbugs. Today, we had the door open to June's Room for a little bit for the Purr babies to start broadening their kitty world. Purresa, the mama did real good for about 45 minutes, then lost her cool. All was fine in a matter of a minute and tempers settled down quickly. Her babies are getting stronger and can actually run a bit. The tiger markings of these Purr babies are so beautiful.

Our other mama, Shaling is doing great. Her pen door is open all day long and only shut at night. She seems to get along with all the cats, but definitely doesn't like dogs. Jazzie has learned to stay out of the front office!

Tomorrow, Monday, we have 4 cats going to the vet's for dentals and teeth extractions. We have 3 of the 4 that are high risk. Those that are going are: Farrah, Magentta, Putter and County. I talked to the vets office on Friday, and they are ready for our gang. They will take excellent care of them.

I'd like to address the situation with the 12 kittens that will be neutered/spayed on May 12. They are all waiting in anticipation....that means it's almost adoption time! I rarely will put kittens on hold until 2 weeks before their spay/neuter time. As we head into this time frame, please know that potential new families have a list of questions to answer, along with vet references. I am very careful where each and every kitten or cat is placed. I try my very best to get them into loving, indoor homes where they are appreciated as being a family member.

Supposedly, the contractors only need 1 more day to finish their part of the new Storage Room. They will finish the ceiling and put in the connecting door from the Storage Room to the Rescue Room. When they do this, we will move all the cats and kittens either in the front office or in a room. Then our work begins--we will paint the trim and the ceiling, put in the keyless door lock and seal the floor. Then it's MOVE IN DAY! We have spent days getting ready for this and we're all anxious to complete this project!
Boku & Tiramisu
Boku and Tiramesu looking oh so cute.