Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7

What a whirlwind of activity we had here yesterday! I think we were all exhausted at the end of the day. We had a vet visit us from Hicksville--a very nice person. She enjoyed visiting the rescue center. She especially was intrigued with FiFi's eyes. We also worked big time again in Kitty Kastle. The floors are all scrubbed, big rugs are down, most of the furniture is in place. The construction guys will be here on Monday to place the toilet, sink, cabinet in bathroom and the plumbing fixtures, then we'll be done! Last night, Mary came with the curtains that she made for Kitty Kastle. She and Connie put up the curtains in the main area. Still need to do the wicker room yet. Many thanks to Angie and everyone who has made this Kitty Kastle possible. Our goal is to make it very comfortable for our visiting webcam friends who would like to stay overnight. This is our way of saying thanks. And there's no cost to our visitors.

We also moved the Kitty City cats to the Cat's Cove. Earlier in the afternoon though, we let all 17 cats out (including Rory) to play and cruise about. About 2 hours later, we called them back into Kitty City and they all came right back in! Then they received their appropriate vaccinations, worming and their ears were cleaned. They then were crated and taken to the Cove. Simone, again, had a problem. He doesn't tolerate the crate and did his usual "collapse". It's like a seizure. Five minutes later though, he's fine again and glad to be back in the Cove. Rory did just fine--acted like he'd done this before! Flare on the other hand, is now a part of the sunporch and/or farm cats. He will NOT tolerate being inside. His escape methods are professional. But, he's very happy and we'll continue to care for him. Now, we will be water blasting the Kitty City so it's clean for whatever we may need it for.

The Wee3, Fab4, the Yoyo 3 and Dix and Roga have all met now. They get "together playtime" on the floor. All seem very healthy, active and have tons of energy! The Purr kittens are now cracking their eyes open--there's a world for them to see! They also are doing great as is their mama.

Paddy Cake and sometimes Paddy Purr has their occasional pottying problems. I would like to assure everyone that these 2 Paddys will never be placed in Kitty City or Cat's Cove. They are our FFRC residents. Did you know that our sweet Bella also has potty problems--probably due to her injuries? Or that Ada Jane's favorite place to pee is on a rug? These things are ok, we love them and accept them as they are. They are our RESIDENTS! We're good cleaners and don't mind cleaning up after them. The problem comes (like Rory and Flare) when the cats that are up for adoption spray. I will not and have not ever adopted out cats with known litterbox issues. We cannot keep all the litterbox issue cats here in the rescue center, as that would limit our space for adoptable cats. So, that is why we have our Kitty City and Cat's Cove. All are happy in the Cove and are very well cared for.

I have a special favor to ask. If anyone sends in coupons for the rescue center, can you please cut them out and even sort them into categories for us, if there are a lot of the coupons? That would help us tremendously. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night! You all make a huge difference for us!

Aunti Fi--sent a stuffed toy to Livvy (our young Friday night volunteer)
Vaun S/vrs1cats herd from PA--an Easter card, cat treats, 2 Madcap cat toys, a case of Fancy Feast and a big box of sheet protectors
Tipppy & Traylor--an Oster toaster oven for Kitty Kastle (and it's a perfect fit on the shelf!)
Laura H/Maddy--a case of Fancy Feast grilled (she likes the name of Purrdue as she is a Purdue University fan)
Kristin R/krisnm444 and her cat Chloe--an Easter card (Putter look alike) and Easter treats for the volunteers including Easter chocolate cats, jellybeans and sugar free volunteer treats and Appetizers for the cats. We also had a picture of Chloe.
Anonymous Friend--a Yeowww banana and 3 lazer lights for Raza and her friends
Germansiggi from FL--a huge bag of dry cat food
EclecticKatz/Karen--sent a wonderful book, called the Cornell Book of Cats. This is a terrific book for reference.
Rebecca and her cat Willow--for the Catathon: 2 cool beds--one is a tuna can cat bed and the other is a fish bed with a wide open mouth
Kelly R/littleonemine--the March Harry & David fruit arrived. It is nectarines!
Amy D/stitches72 from PA--lots of coupons
Paula B/GAnanny and Pam M/callie2011, sisters from GA--a funny musical Hoops/YoYo Easter card
ReneH from NC--Easter card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--2 Easter cards with coupons in both
Patricia K sent a card for volunteer Mary
Gusti from Germany--lots of cute stickers and a special medallion
Gail & Bob M from PA and their cat ROcky--a Paypal donation
Dave, Bonnie & Michael--a Paypal donation for Badu
Mayumi from Japan--a paypal donation

Please remember to start voting for us on Monday, at The Animal Rescue Site. We can do this!! Please pass on our hope to come in #1 for the second quarter! The website is:

Simone says he's very happy to be back in Cat's Cove!