Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 9

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Today starts the second quarter for The Animal Rescue Site. Here's the deal: the only way for FFRC to win $$ this quarter is by coming in FIRST. We did it the last quarter of 2011 and WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! Please vote daily, ask your family to help us and pass the word thru Facebook and e-mails. This would be a win of $5,000 for us! It's YOUR votes that make this happen. Thank you ever so much for your support!

Kitty Kastle is nearing the completion of the construction make-over. I believe the contractors will be here today to finish the bathroom--set the toilet, sink and finish the plumbing on the shower. It is now about 98% done! I LOVE it. So calming, nice and comfortable. Kitty Kastle is open to visitors that want to stay overnight. We are taking reservations. This is our way of saying thanks!

The kitty groups have come more separating them in different pens for naps and nighttime. They now all go into Cat's Corner Room. During the day, they have lots of playtime in the main area, but go back in their room for feeding, naps and nighttime. They all look wonderful and it's so fun to see them play.

Shimma is doing wonderful in her new home. The Cat's Cove cats are very happy to be back in their spring/summer/fall home. So much more room. They love the big screened tunnel that connects Cat's Cove to the Feline Fieldhouse. They bask in the sun and take naps there. Rory has definitely made a great adjustment. Flare is now considered a barn cat. He's fine, happy, loves to stalk the peacocks (he'll never win that one!) and has made friends with the other barn cats.

Everyday, hundreds of outside cats are getting pregnant even in YOUR area. Grab an unowned cat and get it spayed/neutered. Maybe neighbors could each chip in some $$ to get a cat done. I always tell people, it's easier to do one spay in the spring then to have 20 cats in the fall.

The 2 newest babies, Roga and Dix are doing great. Love their 2-colored ears! Roga is the black/white one and Dix is the grey/white one. So sweet and playful.

Putter has his stare-down face on a lot lately. He knows how to give "the look" and whoever is around will give him a neck/back rub. Oh, how he loves that! Queenie is one of the most playful adults I've ever seen. She's so much fun to watch. Sure would love to get her in a home. Maximillion is also a play machine. He plays with ALL ages of the cats and kittens.

Preakness and FiFi were playing yesterday a lot together. Nice to see that. Octavia successfully thieved 2 containers of MeowMix! It won't be long until the kitties realize she's a food-provider! Jaina is growing and doesn't seem to have any trouble with her heart condition. We'll get another chest x-ray soon and let that be the determining factor as to when to put her up for adoption.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for your support.
Laura H/Medic from IN--box of Fancy feast
Mimi/stinkypeeps13 in FL and her cats Squeaky, Cricket and TUffy--pop tabs for Kellen, a bag of awesome handmade Easter catnip toys. She also sent 3 trivets that she made that can be used for the Catathon or Kitty Kastle. 2 trivets are cats, 1 is a dog. Stinkypeeps does beautiful artwork and makes these trivets--so very nice.
Cheryl L/CherylAnn275--kitty Easter card
Collen/leenie50--kitty Easter card (Putter look-a-like)
John P from CT--a donation made thru PayPal
Carla C from OR--a donation made thru PayPal It's her birthday and her gift to herself is to help take care of the Kitty City residents. Happy Birthday to Carla!

Dates to remember: June 24 is the 2nd Annual Catathon. Sept. 21st in the evening is the mini-webcam viewers concert by Mike Chamberlin. On Sept. 22nd, Saturday, is our big concert with lots of afternoon activities here at FFRC. April 16th is the next GiveLitter program by the World's Best Cat Litter, where we can vote daily in hopes of winning cat litter! Now thru April 30th, is when HeyKittyKitty is giving FFRC part of their proceeds from their cat sales thru their on-line cat store. Remember too we are just starting our voting for The Animal Rescue Site! Vote daily please!
Rizzo sure would appreciate your votes for FFRC!