Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday, April 14

We will have BOXES tonight at 6:30 pm EST!! We have at least 14 of them and some very very interesting looking boxes! Some are for Kitty Kastle, some for Octavia, some for the catathon and .....they are ALL just so interesting to look at! I'm sitting here beside them and have shaken a few. Come join us tonight on the webcam for some fun!

We took in an interesting case yesterday. I got a call from someone in the next county over, saying a stray cat was having kittens. Turns out, she's been feeding this cat for a year and that she's living in her house. Please, if you are feeding strays and they are in your house, they are not a stray--they belong to YOU. PLEASE GET THEM SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Anyway, we took mama in. Gregg, our volunteer, was kind enough to go pick her up and bring her to FFRC. She was actively having her kittens and when Gregg picked her up to put her in Thumper's Room, out popped another kitten. What a good sport this mama was. She put up with a lot yesterday and can still purr! She's a torti. Babies are: a calico, a buff and white, a gold tiger, 2 brown tigers with a smidgen of tortiness. Mama has been tested and is negative! More on her later.

The kittens have been on high speed--they play hard, they love to wrestle, run and act like crazy kitties! And then they crash and nap, grab some yummy food and off they go again! Not a care in the world. YoYo and Jax are 2 of the most ornery kittens!

Purresa and kittens are great. That little Purrdita and Purrby love to play together. Their playing consists of batting each other's legs and tails. Eyes are wide open and legs are still wobbly. This Tuesday, they will be 3 weeks old.

Kiara was playing fetch at the sink yesterday again. She KNOWS when we give vaccinations, that there will be a syringe (without the needle) being tossed into the sink. We wash and reuse them for oral meds. She loves to get one and carry it around. Farrah is now on Petfinders. Her picture will be added soon. It's time for us to try and find her very own home for her.

We have found the traveling Paddy and his friend. His travel box accidently got stuck in a corner and wasn't sent out. All is well now and he is on his way to his next visit to Canada. After this visit, he will be returning to FFRC! Can't wait to gather all his traveling notes, pictures and stories and put it together! And to think he's found a friend that now travels with him!

We are always happy to share the cats and kittens with our webcam viewer friends. To date, we have over 2.6 million views on our kittycam. We enjoy sharing the life of FFRC. Please know that we value integrity, honesty and good morals. If you ever have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to e-mail me! This truly is not just OUR rescue center. It is shared with all of YOU! Our webcam friends have become an important extension of our FFRC family. Thank you for your support and confidence in what we are doing here.

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