Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20

A wonderful day! The construction guys were here yesterday and all is well with the shower in Kitty Kastle. All it needed was a little tightening of the drain. They also said they would be here early next week with the Amish crew and put up the framework, roof and walls, work on the electric and have a huge part of the Storage Room done! I can't wait to get this all organized!
Please continue to vote for the Give Litter program. As of this morning, we have collected 6,049 votes--astounding! Can't wait to see this pile of cat litter we will be privileged to receive! We are also still #1 in The Animal Rescue Site--sure makes for a good feeling! If we continue, we will be able to win $5,000. Voting ends on 6/15. Remember, too, our 2nd annual Catathon will be 6/24, a Sunday from 1 to 4:00. You can watch this exciting Catathon on the kitty webcam!

All is well here. Asha is busy grooming herself on my desk, alongside Zelda. Queenie is already at the window, waiting for the birds to wake up. Hank and Fabio's wounds are healed. Six of the kittens were cuddled together, sleeping on a high leaf of the big oak tree yesterday. The oldsters are all doing great.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you ever so much. I find it very rewarding how we all seem to be a team and draw strength from all sides of how this rescue center runs.

BarbaraF/Lgecko--A really neat food maze & treats. The food maze is a tower that has levels where the treats go down. The cats love it.
SandraA from OH/Tazsmom--8 boxes of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken and Fish
Anonymous--for Octavia, a case of Fancy Feast Appetizers (it was speculated that Octavia got a hold of a credit card and ordered these for hersel!
Bradley S from WA--a wonderful Epson Perfection Color Scanner--a great addition for the rescue center
Hannah & mom Jennifer--card for Jacci and PaddyCakes
Whitney/whitster--we showed the 6 handmade kitty blankies she donated
Deb11111--donated the rest of the money needed to complete the cost of the new Storage Room! Made for lots of thankful cheering!
CherylAnn275 from WA--Wow! This ffrc friend is super talented! There were treats for the cats, the dogs, Einstein and the volunteers. Also a love trivet for my mom, batteries for the stuffed mama kitties, kitty toys, Angel ornament, post its, PB pretzels for Steve, PEACE signs, kitty jammies that she made (love these!), scotch tape, handmade dish towels monogrammed for Kitty Kastle, an angel figurine, a sweatshirt with cats stitched on the front, stamps, and these awesome, beautiful handmade Iris paper folded thank you notes. They are absolutely beautiful. They were made with much talent, time and love. An extra big thanks.

This rescue center has so much to be thankful for. I can hear a whole lot of purring going on from the cats--their way of being contented and thankful. Rizzo and FiFi are good friends--they love to nap and play together. Bada is wonderful and got a nice back rub yesterday. Ada Jane continues to love her morning dripping of the faucet for her drinks. Macallan loves those Yeowww catnip bananas!
Cutie and Dunakin are saying--Thanks for the food--so yummy!