Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17

What an awesome and productive day we had yesterday! Stacey and Judy S worked long and hard at cleaning the cat furniture. Judy S spent hours using the shop vac on all the furniture in the main area and Stacey followed with the furniture shampooer. An all day affair. The furniture looks fantastic, just like new! Many thanks to Stacey and Judy for their hard work. Next week, they will tackle the furniture in all 3 rescue rooms and the big front office.

We had a webcam friend visit 2 days ago, by the name of Grumpy10/Harold F. He donated 2 large boxes of Arm & Hammer cat litter. Another visitors yesterday was a cammer, Sally A. She donated Friskies, Meow Mix, Whiskas, kitty treats, bucket of scoopable litter, and a Purple Marshmallow bed! Thanks to Harold and Sally! We also received Pill Pockets for Farrah from Julie and her 2 cats Maxaroni & Thunder BUnder!

We WILL have BOXES tonight! We did not have BOXES last night, due to Dr. Amanda's visit here to the Rescue Center. Dr. Amanda arrived last night and started doing physicals at 7 pm. She was here 2 hours looking at our cats. Isn't it just wonderful that we can have our vets come here for their services. Sure makes it much easier on the cats. Here are the results:
Cutie, Maximillion, Octavia, Asha, Magentta, Pansy Mae, Kiera, Buttons, Dunakin all received a physical and are just fine!
Zelda--her limp seems to be due to a past injury to her left elbow. Nothing to do for it, but to give her extra kisses every day!
Jaina--her heart murmur was graded as a 2/6, which is better than what she had in the vet's office. Remember, she gets all worked up there, so it may have appeared more intense there. We will do another chest x-ray on her in May. If it stays the same, or better than her March x-ray, she will go up for adoption! In the meantime, we will use a different ointment in her eyes, trying to clear her eye problem up.
County--his pin in his rear leg appears to be fine. He also needs a dental cleaning for a bit of tartar.
FiFi--Dr. Amanda did her eye surgery and she was very pleased with the results. Can now go up for adoption!
Emaline--had her sore above her eye looked at. It makes me sad that Emi has such a huge amount of problems, due to allergies and her own immune system issues. We work hard at staying ahead of her problems. Her eye wound may be a difficult thing,. Dr. Amanda will research this and let me know what more we can do.
Angel Kisses--the vet was very pleased with her progress. The rear leg is still a bit atrophied, but is improving all the time. We can now put her up for adoption!
Magentta--we have had dentals/extractions done on her before. She will need another dental, involving the removal of a few more teeth.
Putter--his physical was great, but needs a tooth extraction--the upper right K9
Filbert--we knew upon his arrival that he needed a dental cleaning. He will also have his eye sewed shut, to make it more cosmetically appealing.
Pansy Mae-needs a dental sometime, but not necessary at the moment.
Ada Jane--her physical was great, although her kidneys appear to be fairly small. Will keep an eye on this, in case she starts into kidney problems as she ages. She also has a 2/6 heart murmur.
Farrah--we discussed her seizure history. Since Farrah has been such a clumsy girl, it was decided to reduce her PB seizure meds by 1/2 a pill. She will take 1 at night, and a half in the morning. Due to this change, Farrah will again be on hold, on the adoption PetFinder list. The reason is we have to be assured that this bit of a lower dose will keep the seizures from happening. So, a couple months of observation is needed.She also needs her upper left K9 removed (it had broken broken in one of her seizure-falls).

We have names for the torti mama and her 5 kittens! The mama's name is Shaling--such a pretty name for a pretty girl! The brown tiger/torti, female is Shirley. The brown tiger, female is Goodness. The buff/white, female is Mercy. The calico, female is Fayth. The orange tier, male is Obadiah. Shaling came out of her pen a couple of times yesterday. She did real well.

We had a major scare yesterday. Someone had went out the front office door and it wasn't latched. (A good reason for ALL of us to use the regular office door.) Paddy Cake put his front paws on it and almost went out the door. We then all realized that we had heard the door chime, signalling that the door had been opened earlier. We all went into fast gear--doing a head count. All were accounted for except Sugar Plum. We searched and searched and could not find her. We even searched a large area outside. After about an hour of us looking, there she was in the office, stretching, from taking a nap. I was so very worried about her. The lost was found and received lots of hugs!

Filbert is such a sweetie--round and huggable! His cosmetic eye surgery will be done soon, along with a dental cleaning. Such a great cat!